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  1. this wall is great mural the best production ive seen in a long time http://www.capitalsthlm.com/tema/10/klipp/saht_sarek_dance_tbag_arom.jpg'>
  2. jupiter is a real dude, i dont think that's really stem tho.
  3. ILYSH


    well this thread is pretty boring/lame/pointless, soooo i searched on http://images.google.com/ , using the keywords "tokyo graffiti" and this was the most interesting thing i found.... yeah, im a fuckin news reporter.....here's a headline: Wasted potential! boring thread gets closed down
  4. ILYSH


    Taggers leaving their marks on Tokyo's walls At first glance, the graffiti looks like letters of the alphabet, but it spells out a word with no meaning. At least, no meaning for most. The graffiti is a tag, an individualistic form of public art imported from the United States that's spreading throughout the Tokyo area, much to the chagrin of many. Mainichi Shimbun http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/image/200310/08/20031008p2a00m000008000c.jpg'> This graffiti was left on a wall in Tokyo. Tags originated with street gangs in the United States. Tags are graffiti in p
  5. like that dub piece alot 4 some reason....when you gonna come paint with me n jedi??? fighting on the internet is retarded and ill take a small step to quash our former nonsense-_-_-_-_----_-----
  6. ILYSH


    hello, I write Abel and sometimes I write Able too. I am from Connecticut. where are you located? dont be specific, you can approximate the location. please post some flix in the CT thread or on puregraffiti. i really want to see your letters. i regards to your love life: im surprised any female would have sex with you. you sound like an ignorant and uneducated dude. that aside, id like to see how you draw the letters. thanks glik0__got up w/ soafaos the other day__good fun
  7. http://photo.gznet.com/photos/1241684/1241684-g5S9E!EdiZ.jpg'>
  8. cool wall, i like the dark black. what kind of paint can you get in china?? http://www.graffiti.org/china/mig_fbl_se2003chengdu_china.jpg'> the 'e' on the jade green one is really fresh
  9. im sure that'll be a smash hit, bubble letters and robotech :rolleyes: do any of these Smilies yawn???
  10. the CONDOR piece on page 1 is the shit
  11. im sure that'll be a smash hit, bubble letters and robotech :rolleyes: do any of these Smilies yawn???
  12. i know, what's up with that shit? /I dont think you've ever been to nyc before/ http://sp4.fotologs.net/u2/u/f/o/ufo/my_photos/2003/11/21/1069475980.jpg'>
  13. this is really beautiful http://davin.dhs.org/masterimages/pictures/bobdobbs.jpg'>
  14. http://www.abeloner.com/pieces/iof/romstarsm.jpg'>
  15. The Romstar Piece* http://www.abeloner.com/pieces/iof/romstar.jpg'>
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