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  1. Oh well to late http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v79/totecx1/size.jpg'> I would have lost anyway :lol:
  2. Mmmm boobies Way to amp up this thread! wish i had time to join one of these battles
  3. Yeah i've seen a couple heavy hitters lose, theres no guarantee of winning even if it looks like the best piece there are so many different styles floating around so its hard to judge-
  4. your style and subject matter are played, try harder
  5. ^^^to much to fast take it easy
  6. at least post a clean outline, that shit can be anything
  7. Good stuff Relek I like the direction(s) your taking.
  8. That last one is real hot
  9. stick to paper until you get a decent hand
  10. damn slyde for as much as you say you are into writing I think you should try harder. no diss but i havent seen you improve as much as you should have
  11. the "white thing" is SEAK
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