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  1. you texas graff punks are a bunch of fags, god how i wish i was still a fag...
  2. ummm lifesucksdie really now, what happened to the good ole days of just being a rotten slob that writes on shit...
  3. man, as i was writing it...
  4. I replied, "can we at least keep doing it?" andrea: no sorry VD ahahahahahahah, i should tell her i got ghonarehia
  5. this\/ \/ \/ girl named andrea and me me: (calls andrea on christmas eve, cause im lonely) Andrea: texts back, "sorry for being such a bitch laltely, im just not interested in you anymore. Merry christmas. Me: thats lame, you just used me for sex. Andrea: im sorry i did, but its carma*. Its life move one youve probably done it too. me: (no respomse yet.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- am a to call myself a pimp or be miserable and feel used and whoreish. and what should i reply with???
  6. well shit, i still got og bl * * * tags mbc runnin...
  7. This thread needs more tags, im sorry but it does, and you fools are sorry for not repping tag bangers... I got more tags than some austin bombers got fills and hollows, adn trains combined, quit sleeepin....
  8. previous photos, copyright robotripp artsy photos copyright, Jessica Starnes
  9. catch me if you can... but you cannot because im innocent, proven guilty, they sacrificed just to build me. Below these wings demons try and blow breathe up upon my weary lungs, big guns, little hands. prescious stands, will she ever face the music and see were lost without each other worse than hatin mymother, because those who can love fit anger like a glove. Family forgive me for being a loser, alcohol, and drug abuser, not having a job and hating on the next slob, but my time is the greatest the most latest, cooling out one to live, butt these shit
  10. ahahahaah who be you???? MB x cts x K
  11. :king: :king: :king: :king: hardcoreavaillionairepunkrockinhihoppingeeedoutemceeingproducingmotherfuckinglonelyassmonsterbootclickinggangmemberloserfromthattreyonehood... :king: :king: :king: :king: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :burn:
  12. first off id like to say word up to my nigga in that bomb ass SE cCrew Styles, you know wassup kidd. Fuck all this bullshit thats been going down, dober your a punk bitch and you got punked in front of everyone last night, oh yeah and other??? yer lucky it wasnt you, you ever cross me ever again, ill cross your fucking face, you got me?? dont ever ever try and front on me or act hard, this is my fucking city... LifelessleyCrushingTheSystemKINGS!!!!!!!!! lil Availlionaire 31, on papers for whooping frat punks on the str
  13. get your facts straight toy, it was a spot off guadalupe... Quoted post [/b] im so tired of guvung sage to new jacks, if i see you in lockup ma just laugh at you... Jail is for quitters... im tired, weary, lonely, wheres my fiance... barrels mean so little if they are empty... someone tell her i still want to marry her... signing off, Thathardcorepunkrockinhiphoppinbboyvandal, Against Verncular Corrupted Trees. 31
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