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  1. pics from Half Dead art show this past weekend
  2. pics from Half Dead Art Show this past weekend
  3. http://jointhestudio.com/2011/12/half-dead-art-show/ Half dead are show this past weekend.
  4. A lot of dumb ass shit going on.
  5. That Nove throw up is one of the worst things to be posted on this thread in a while. Maybe you should study jesse some cause if you cant do a decent throw up or tag you are toy.
  6. Great job city of Austin buffing the wall that was done legally and your buffing it without the owners permission... and the people who painted it were paid to paint it because footage of it was being used for some movie. Way to film it like you are buffing out illegal graffiti by gang members.
  7. different Jesse Jesse DAC 4DC
  8. No you are wrong about that. He did not start as a Dallas writer but he did go out there and paint as he did everywhere else. He started in Austin and Jesse wasnt his first word. He wrote rise up and did these Skulls back when most of you were probably playing with GI JOES.
  9. Malk and Putz Kildrens
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