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which country has produced the best music? bands etc??

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Guest krie




for all your all time classc beer drinking songs :)


rock on acdc, crowded house, urmm cant think of others but their all out their!

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Guest krie

Kevin Bloody Wilson (aus)


lives next suburb over hes a top bloke. download some of his songs their a fukn larf i garentee!

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USA made the greatest artist of all time...







Yeah i said it. Michael jackson is definately the shit.


Creepy, yes, ecentric, yes, freak, yes, musical genius...yes.





Fact is stranger than fiction.

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Guest willy.wonka



but i like a lot of euro..i dont know exactly what is goin on over there, but i hear its "wikked".


my mom bumps this shit called GAMELON..from some tropic island..it sounds like hip hop.pretty cool.


i know about some french "black chicks" from africa.....so beautiful and they sing soooo well.forgot thier name.

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Guest Dr. Drew

here's the facts:


the peak of all western music was in germany. beethoven, Bach. pop music today sounds nothing like bach, but bach perfected and honed the music we use and take for granted. major scales, minor scales, 12 tones, all Bachs genius. all the music today uses those scales that bach perfected. pop, rap, rock, etc....all wouldn't have the foundation if it weren't for Bach's work. All the great composers after that in germany really built on Bach. So my vote goes to germany for producing the best music.


after that, i will say its all about the US. RocknRoll, Punk, HipHop, Turnatablism, the numerous forms of jazz, etc... all came from the US. people in other countries might have perfected it and taken it to new levels, but it was the US where that shit originated. can't argue with that. innovation occured in the US, fine tuning occured elsewhere. no one in the US is trying to emulate music from elsehwere (maybe french yeh-yeh) but everywhere i go in the world people are either playing american music, or there's a local group attempting a variation or interpretation of some american genre of pop music.


but damn, there;s so much great authentic folk music that never gets recorded that we in the developed world know nothing about, so its not fair that we can base our judgements on what is marketed to us.



Dr. Drew/music major

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Guest imported_Europe

A couple of yall already said Sweden, Im gonna say Sweden too. They have a scary ability to create hits.

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Guest BROWNer

this is ridiculous. some countries

have been making incredible music

for centuries.......

master musicians of jajouka son..

5000year old rock..


am i the only one who files syrupy

fluff 'pop hits' under something other

than music? if we're gonna talk pop

hits, then i think you gotta give it

up for england and the BEATLES.......

their songs are fucking amazing..

there are lots of people you could

say led up to them, but they set

the template that has hardly been

deviated from for the last 4 decades

in pop rock mode type stuff..

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well Dr.Drew had some very good points, and all are totally valid,

but it would be imposible not to mention the little island of Jamaica.

Essentially the basic principals of music production as we know them

today were conceived in Jamaica with dub music. Let me explain...


The origianal dub chemists were the first recording artists to make loop-

based tracks and really embrace the technology as an instrument. Sure

the content of these original recordings might not be evident today,

but pretty much all pop music (including rap, rock and the dance genres)

is built around samples, instead of a live playing. Dub made dance music.


Now for another examplethat might be more widely noted.

HipHop was built in the Bronx by Jamaicans. The 'yard sound system'

that made the DJ's into stars was already being done in Jamaica.

They also had a huge influence in the punk/ska scene in the UK.

Jamaica contributed one of the keystones to punk which has influenced

all modern rock since then. And I really dont need to mention the influence

the a singer/songwriter named Bob had on the entire world.

Bob changed everything.


Kilo7/music nerd/snob

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