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  1. widescreens are dope. i dont know what smashlab is. and i dont know if the brands actually kick ass
  2. i was on smoke break at the hospital sippin cheap champagne and watching the junkies and college kids roll into emerg. thinkin about how glad i am that i work in O.R. fireworks are great also.
  3. hoodie canvas big assed sketchbook chopsticks toothpaste socks free skate mag an orange from the best roomates ever shit i bought myself: a new dijeridu a sweet hand carved flute smokes shoes and some shirts. i have to work this whole weekend im gonna be rich.
  4. at least you use shortcuts instead of the mouse.
  5. "knockin suckas out like joe thorton" fuck joe thorton. he's a fuckin goof im glad im moving out of 'his' town.
  6. ive hitch hiked for years and never came across a trucker bomb. " from dirty diapers to syringes — but there's one category that out-grosses the rest: trucker bombs." dirty diapers yeah syringes hell yeah but no trucker bombs. either way i dont think that they would "out-gross" that giant sun bleached dildo on the 402
  7. i was watching a docu. on PETA on A&E a while back and it showed a commercial that PETA ran in the 80's. it shows some lady walkin down a busy street wearing some nice big fur jacket, then out of nowhere comes this skinhead lookin goon with a lead pipe. he beats the shit out of her then takes off with her furcoat. end text says something along the lines of: would you die for your coat? coolest commercial ever. dont know if this link has been posted but.... PETA kills animals
  8. these are all great. i wish i could draw people.
  9. just finished american psycho and it was awesome, so much better then the movie which was good im about to finish big brother is watching by elaine landau and its pretty boring i must say after that im gonna read weaverworld by clive barker yupp a friend of mine is getting b o o k w o r m tattoed on his knuckles sometime soon
  10. acetate gets the thumbs up. lately ive been rockin the pizza boxes though. the kind that hold two pizzas. like from pizza pizza. have a party and order two larges. nice box;)
  11. being pissed off pisses me off. then i get realli pissed off. and that just pisses me off even more.
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