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  1. The only place where I've seen any "jome" shit is on the internet... You must be up as fuck dunnie.
  2. Does anyone have codes from mountain dew that they are not using? If so post them or email me at responer@aol.com
  3. Its bullshit that pitt got a number 3 seed. what the fuck? St joes got a number one and they got blown the fuck out. Ahh, I hope pitt wins it.....
  4. Some Classic-Type Shit http://members.tripod.com/~Steel_City/busway/e5.jpg'> http://members.tripod.com/~Steel_City/busway/e4.jpg'> http://members.tripod.com/~Steel_City/busway/e33.jpg'>
  5. The King of what? King of STTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYLE. -Kase2
  6. http://a712.g.akamai.net/7/712/225/1h/www.eastbay.com/images/products/zoom/4-97634_z.jpg'> Are these worth $50?
  7. I want to get cable very fucking bad, but lack of money is a factor. Anyone have suggestions about a good low cost dial-up?
  8. Note a quote but funny: Homer has note on hand while looking at carl and lenny: Carl=black Lenny=white
  9. I get paid $9 an hour to replace scsi hard drives, and cd roms, with new ide parts. Easy as fuck. I work monday through thursday 3-6, and sat. 8-3. I get like $300 every 2 weeks. Not bad for my first job, and for being 15 years old
  10. I was wodnering if anyone has tried this, and if so if it actuially is "5x faster". Thank you in advance for reviews.
  11. i remember the one simpsons when Homer went with Lisa to help build houses. Homer, trying to be like bart's "el barto", did a tag that read "el homo."
  12. http://www.seakmac.com/files/guitarhollow.JPG'> That definetly looks like a probe (rip) throwup on the left.
  13. Those Mateo and Kelsey peices are nice.
  14. Mikro: why you always have to ruin threads?
  15. i only come on here every so often nowadays.
  16. Does anyone know where I can find many genesis or nes, or even snes roms? I know there are already threads about this, but none of the sites work.
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