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  1. Ive been away for awhile and this is what i come back to ? new dope styles,burners,bombs, love to see my favorite thread keepin up. CPH!! Dont call it a comeback
  2. Actionspeax Graf mag out now!!
  3. no need to flame but...... http://sp3.fotologs.net/?u=cheesefactory&i...8871404.jpg&c=f http://spf.fotologs.net/?u=cheesefactory&i...8101198.jpg&c=f
  4. hahaaha! incredible what this retard does to get e-attention :haha: BANG!
  5. Vlad


    yea best game ever!
  6. Vlad


    what is wrong with you americans who voted bush ?!?! i cant fucking believe you idiots got him re-elected!!!, WTF. :hatred:
  7. http://dietyl.mine.nu/graffitiovanmolnen/ovrigt/89.jpg'> http://dietyl.mine.nu/graffitiovanmolnen/ovrigt/56.jpg'> http://dietyl.mine.nu/graffitiovanmolnen/ovrigt/57.jpg'>
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