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mind fuck

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  1. i have no idea why, but as long as i can remember i have been scared of returning videos to the video store. Its fucking stupid
  2. no, dont do it tommorow, do it now. you cant be too busy to write down a list, no matter how big it is procrastination can bury itself into the smallest things, and just doing the list right now can help. Putting shit off is a damaging habbit, which is very easy to break. give it a try
  3. this made me laugh alot more than it should.
  4. theres probably just as many cops around when your not thinking about or painting but you pay no attention but when your doing naughty things, you pay attention to everything and it will look like there are police everywhere, which there would be anyway huh?
  5. the only advantage pg has is its massive suicide girls thread other than that its the suck 12oz like werf
  7. Aborted Vital remains Opeth Killswitch engage Dark tranquility Mastodon The haunted
  8. Raise your skinny fists like antenna to heaven
  9. Sonata Arctica Stratovarius Rhapsody Children of Bodom Kamelot BRING THE CHEESE
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