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  1. heaps of those photos are form pattaya, i am now quite sure this man has every disease under the sun. suckah.
  2. pattaya is full of dirty old expats holding hands with 18 year old thai girls..*shudder*, patong beach is rockin though. I just got back from over there, saw some guys painting down near the mbk centre in bangkok, is that wall legal there? if so how can i go about painting when i get back over there soon.
  3. It's weird.. everything just spins round quickly then goes black. Then you wake up not knowing what the fuck just happened.
  4. Pissing out the bedroom window into the front yard when half asleep/still drunk my only claim to fame here.
  5. how can you even class them together friends is wak. wak wak wak wak
  6. how many clams is that gonna set me back. do most places that sell dvd's round melb stock it? jb hifi would i assume....
  7. yeah i feel your pain too.. alot of my weekends suck coz of that shit.
  8. i dont think too many foreigners would be sad if it hit the states.
  9. i had a dream when i was young that 2 guys were standing outside my window plotting how to rob the house and kidnap me. and i woke up and thought it was actually happening and freaked out. another one i was punching the shit outta this guy i hated and i actually punched the corner of the table next to my bed which fucking hurt for a long time afterwards. fuck dreams.
  10. rum is alchohol, therefor it gets you drunk.
  11. saved me from being involved in many many failed train missions..
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