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Ronnie Dobbs

winamp playlist version 66.6

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I scrolled through really quickly, and managed to see that you had DS-13 in there, and it just so happens that i am seeing there very last show this sunday. What a coincidence.

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me and my buddy were talking today about all the shows we used to go to and all the bands weve seen and forgotten about.....

quadiliacha is a perfect example of this....totally forgot about them.

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There last show is at Thrashfest 4 in Minneapolis...or maybe its St. Paul, i can't exactly remember where the show is at, but its some little place, or at least thats what i've been told.



Oh...heres the info for it, if anyone else in MN is into hardcore.



Sunday, December 29th, 2002

@ Profile Music Center



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Guest ctrl+alt+del

dont know how to make it textable



errrgh. hey if the one reffered to as noriega reads this, whats your new phone number man? oh and remember that kid and that party its tomorrow night.





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Guest mikro137

yo whats up with some soul seek here bro , i want some of that ish

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Originally posted by mikro137

yo whats up with some soul seek here bro , i want some of that ish


i leave my soulseek on almost 24/7..

user: Ronnie Dobbs

usually in the Punk/Hardcore/Grind room


take all you want. just dont que more than like 3 albums at once and share yer files. :)

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Guest mikro137
Originally posted by Ronnie Dobbs

i leave my soulseek on almost 24/7..

user: Ronnie Dobbs

usually in the Punk/Hardcore/Grind room


take all you want. just dont que more than like 3 albums at once and share yer files. :)


username: mikrone37jyk , mikrone37


yeah dude , i have tons of shit i dunno , look for me in the punk hc grind jolt right now with the mikrone37 name

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Guest angry xbox

Atreyu - a vampires lament

Thrice - deadbolt

Atreyu - song for an optimist

Thrice - identity crisis

Atreyu - aint love grand

Atreyu - someone is standing on my chest

Atreyu - tulips are better

Thrice - phoenix ignition

Thrice - betrayal is a symptom

Atreyu - at least i know im a sinner

Beatnuts - Watch out now

Swollen members - Fuel ignition

Strongarm - advent of a miracle

Focal point - neglected

Hot Water Music - at the end of a gun

Hot Water Music - Us and Chuck

Demon Hunter

Eso Charis

Earth Crisis - smahs the neo-gods

Sick of it all - disco sucks fuck everything

Nas - H.O.M.O.

Nas - nastradamus

Bone thugs and Harmony - first of tha month

Luniz - i got 5 on it

Poison the well - not within arms length

Poison the well - tear from the red

Gorilla biscuits - ?????

Good Riddance - mother superior

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2657 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:49

Estimated playlist length: 169 hours 27 minutes 11 seconds

(11 tracks of unknown length)

Right-click here to save this HTML file.


Playlist files:


Piebald - We Believe In Karma


- 311 Sucks

INCOMPLETE anal cunt -01- side a

INCOMPLETE Anal Cunt f. Phil Anselmo - Van Full Of Retards

INCOMPLETE Anal Cunt f. Phil Anselmo - Van Full Of Retards

INCOMPLETE Anal Cunt- Song Titles Are Fucking Stupid

INCOMPLETE And Oceans - Cypher - 03 - Angelina Chthonian Earth Her Face Forms Worms

INCOMPLETE Anti-Flag - 911 for Peace

INCOMPLETE anti-flag - red white and brainwashed

INCOMPLETE Ash - Burn Baby Burn

INCOMPLETE atmosphere - Like Today

INCOMPLETE Atmosphere - Party for the Fight to Write


INCOMPLETE Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat - 02 - M&Ms



- Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Whirling

Saves The Day - I Melt With You

(1977) Ash - Girl From Mars

(Beach Boys) - I Get Around

(Blink 182) - TV

(soul coughing) -disseminated

(Weezer) - 04 - Island In The Sun (1)

-used - Greener with the Scenery

...And Oceans - Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet

...And Oceans - The Room of Thousand Arts

...And Oceans - Track 05

.fuckingcom - Self Titled - 01-Earth Mover

.fuckingcom - Self Titled - 01-Earth Mover

.fuckingcom - Self Titled - 02-Stolen Time

.fuckingcom - Self Titled - 03-Nothing is Sacred

.fuckingcom - Self Titled - 04-Hesitation

.fuckingcom - Self Titled - 05-Olympia Wash 'n' Dry

.hopesfall. - Open Hands to the Wind

.The Donnas - Keep On Loving You

01 - Curtain's Up

01 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead

01 Drowned

016 - My Way (Frank Sinatra)

02 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - Chemical Marriage

02 - Texas is the Reason - Dressing Cold

02.mike patton - i killed him like a dog...and he still laughed

03 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - Carry Stress In The Jaw

03 - Saves The Day - Jessie & My Whetstone

03.mike patton - smog

04 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - Desert Search For Techno Allah

04 Anal Cunt - Say Say Say

04 Anal Cunt - Say Say Say

04.mike patton - the man in the lower left hand corner of the photograph

05 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - Violenza Domestica

05 - Squaredance

05 - Vacuum Sleeve

05.mike patton - robot sex (neon)

06 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - After School Special

06.mike patton - screams of the asteroid

07 - Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante - Phlegmatics

07.mike patton - robot sex (b w)

08. First Contact to Planet Q

08.mike patton - porno holocaust

09.mike patton - inconsolable widows in search of distraction

10.mike patton - hurry up and kill me...i'm cold

11.mike patton - man alone in steambath

12.mike patton - guinea pig 1

13.mike patton - guinea pig 2

14.mike patton - guinea pig 3

15.mike patton - guinea pig 4

17.mike patton - a lizard with the skin of woman

18.mike patton - catheter

19.mike patton - fix it so the bruises don't show

20.mike patton - robot sex (watercolors)

21.mike patton - a ceremony of senses, an alibi in the red light district

3000 Miles To Graceland - 05 - Southern Culture - Pass The Ha

3000 Miles To Graceland - 05 - Southern Culture - Pass The Ha

311- Fuck the band Anal Cunt

324 - Acquisition

324 - Advance

324 - Besieged

324 - Lowestlevel

324 - Melting Way

324 - New

324 - Retrospect

324 - Shallow

324 - Solve

[beulah] - If We Can Land A Man On The Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart

[Connecting] http://test.crazybetty.com/music/What it Was 128kbit.mp3

[Nirvana] Come As You Are (Unplugged)

[Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash] Ghost Riders In The Sky

A New Found Glory - Better off dead

A New Found Glory - Dressed to Kill

A New Found Glory - Hit or Miss

A New Found Glory - So Happy Together (punk cover)

A New Found Glory - That Thing You Do

a new found glory - Track 4

A Static Lullaby - Charred Fields of Snow

A Static Lullaby - Love to Hate, Hate To Me

A Static Lullaby - the shooting star that destroy


A.C. - Grateful Dead

A.C. - Stayin Alive (Oi! version)

A[TRISTANIA] December Elegy

ACDC - Highway to Hell

AFI - Untitled

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - (Intro) Engineering A Pill Fre

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Bitch's Handbag Full Of Money

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Chalking the Temporal God Module

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Contaminated Drug Supply

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Crash Course To Maximum Nowhere

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Double Negative

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Doubled Over

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Hungry Homeless Handjob

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Information Super Lost Highway

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Kill Theme For American Apeshit

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Latin Thrift Cave

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Machine Gun

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Manual Trauma

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Organ Donor

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - PCP Torpedo

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Protection From Enemies

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Shit Slit

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Someone's Daughter

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Thanksgiving Day

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - The Man From Famine

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Thinning The Heard

AlbumWrap - Bob Marley - AlbumWrap Album

AlbumWrap - Bruce Springsteen - AlbumWrap Album

AlbumWrap - Bruce Springsteen - AlbumWrap Album

AlbumWrap - Coldplay - AlbumWrap Album

alirio diaz - masterpieces of the spanish guitar

alkaline trio - as you were

Alkaline Trio - Bleeder

Alkaline Trio - Bloodied Up

Alkaline Trio - Cooking Wine

Alkaline Trio - Crawl

Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary - 02 - Mr Chainsaw

Alkaline Trio - Goodbye Forever

alkaline trio - ninety seven

Alkaline Trio - Nose Over Tail

Alkaline Trio - Private Eye

Alkaline trio - Queen of pain

Alkaline Trio - Rooftops

Alkaline Trio - Snake Oil Tanker (acoustic)

Alkaline trio - sorry about that

alkaline trio - southern rock

Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid

Alkaline Trio - Sundials

Alkaline Trio - This is Getting Over You

Anal Blast - Lil Cunts

Anal Cunt (Black Sabbath) - Killing Yourself To Live

Anal Cunt - 40 More Reasons To Hate Us - 29 - Big Pants, Bigger Loser

Anal Cunt - Al Stankus is Always on the Phone with his Bookie

anal cunt - american woman

Anal cunt - Anyone who likes the dillinger escape plan

Anal Cunt - Art Fag

Anal Cunt - Can't Touch This

Anal Cunt - Dead, Gay, and Dropped

Anal Cunt - Dictators Are Cool

Anal Cunt - Domestic Violence Is Really Really Really Funny

Anal Cunt - Don't Call Japanese Hardcore

Anal Cunt - Everyone In Allston Should Be Killed

Anal Cunt - Face It. You're a Metal Band

Anal Cunt - Fucking Freak

Anal Cunt - Grindcore is very terrifying

Anal Cunt - Ha Ha Your Wife Left You

anal cunt - hey santa claus you fucking cunt

anal cunt - I Became A Counselor

Anal Cunt - I Convinced You To Beat Your W

Anal Cunt - I Couldn't Afford To Buy You a Present (So I Wrote You This Song)

Anal Cunt - I Hope You Get Deported

Anal Cunt - I Hope You Get Deported

Anal Cunt - I Made your Kid Get AIDS so You COuld Watch it Die

Anal Cunt - I Noticed That You're Gay

Anal Cunt - I Pushed Your Wife In Front Of

Anal Cunt - I Sent Concentration Camp Footage to America's Funniest Home Videos

Anal Cunt - I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant

Anal Cunt - I'm Sick of You

Anal Cunt - Jack Kevorkian Is Cool

Anal Cunt - Kill Women

Anal Cunt - Kill Women

Anal Cunt - Mike Mahan Has Gingivitis

Anal Cunt - Pepe the Gay Waiter

Anal Cunt - Phyllis is an Old, Annoying Cunt

Anal Cunt - Pottery is Gay

Anal Cunt - Punching Joe Bonni's Face In

Anal Cunt - Recycling Is Gay

Anal Cunt - Steroids Guy

Anal Cunt - Technology's Gay

Anal Cunt - the internet is gay

Anal Cunt - The only reason Men talk to you is because they want to get laid you stupid fucking cunts

Anal Cunt - Theme From The A-Team

Anal Cunt - Trapped

Anal Cunt - You Have Goals

Anal Cunt - You Look Adopted

Anal Cunt - You Look Divorced

Anal Cunt - You Must Be Wicked Underground if You Own This

Anal Cunt - You Rollerblading Faggot

Anal Cunt - You're a Fucking Cunt

Anal Cunt - You're a Fucking Cunt

Anal Cunt - You're Gay

Anal Cunt - You're in a Coma

anal cunt - you've got cancer

Anal Cunt - Your Kid is Deformed

Anal Cunt -11- We Just Disagree

Anal Cunt 26 You're a Trendy Fucking Pussy

anal cunt-locking dropdead in macdonalds bathroom

anal cunt-locking dropdead in macdonalds bathroom

And Oceans - Aphelion Light Evanescence intoExtinction

And Oceans-A.M.G.O.D. - 01-Intelligence Is Sexy

Andrew W.K. - She Is Beautiful

Andrew W.K. - We Want Fun

ani difranco - untouchable face

Ani Difranco - Wishin' and Hopin'

Anti-Flag - 911 For Peace

Anti-Flag - Anti-Violent

Anti-Flag - Anti-Violent

Anti-Flag - Born To Die

Anti-Flag - kill the rich

Anti-Flag - Mumia's Song

Anti-Flag - Nbc (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)

Anti-Flag - Police Story

Anti-Flag - Police Story

Anti-Flag - Right On

Anti-Flag - Right On

Anti-Flag - Right To Choose

Anti-Flag - Seattle Was A Riot

Anti-Flag - Stars And Stripes

Anti-Flag - Tearing Everyone Down

Anti-Flag - Tearing Everyone Down

Anti-Flag - We Want To Be Free

Anti-Flag - What About the Lonely

Anti-Flag - What About the Lonely

Anti-Flag - What's The Difference

April March - Chick Habit

Aqua - Barbie Girl (Dutch)

Armik - Guitar Romance

Armik - Gypsy Flame

Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Call - Calls Womens Shelter

arnold schwarzenegger prank calls wherehouse music...(mike and puck) eminem dr dre metallica

articolo31 - L'altra Met

artist - 51-01-07 Dead Head Freight

artist - System Of A Down 'SNowblind'

artist - Track 03

artist - Track 03

artist - Track 03

artist - Track 04

artist - Track 05

artist - Track 07

artist - Track 07

artist - Track 10

artist - Track 11

Ash - 15. Kung Fu (Jackie Chan Song)

Ash - A Llife Less Ordinary

Ash - Burn Baby Burn

Ash - Envy

Ash - Free All Angels - 10 - Sometimes(1)

Ash - Girl From Mars

Ash - I'm Gonna Fall

Ash - Pacific Palisades

Ash - Shark

Ash - Submission

Ash - Theres A Star

Ash - World Domination

Astor Piazzola - Scent of a woman

Astor Piazzolla & Buenos Aires - Marron Y Azul

Astor Piazzolla - Balada Para un Loco

Astor Piazzolla - Carlos Gardel - Por Una Cabez

Astor Piazzolla - Decarissimo

Astor Piazzolla - Piazzolla: Adios nonino

Astor Piazzolla - Tango Fugata

Astor Piazzolla - Tango Para Una Ciudad (1ra. Parte)

Atmosphere - 12

Atmosphere - A Song About A Friend

Atmosphere - Blame Game

Atmosphere - Clay(1)

Atmosphere - Don't Ever Fucking Question Th

Atmosphere - Flesh

Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor

Atmosphere - GodLovesUgly

Atmosphere - Guns and Cigarettes

Atmosphere - Hair

Atmosphere - Homecoming

Atmosphere - If I Was Santa Clause

atmosphere - shrapnel

Atmosphere - Sound is Vibration

Atmosphere - The Bass And The Movement

atmosphere - The river

Atmosphere - Vampires

Atom and His Package - Me and My Black Metal Friends

Atom and His Package - Punk Rock Academy

Atom and His Package- Pumping Iron For Enya


Atomsmasher - Phantom Smasher

Audiogalaxy.com - Bloodhag - Arthur C. Clarke

Audiogalaxy.com - Bloodhag - Octavia Butler

Audiogalaxy.com - Danny Barnes - No Time Flat

Audiogalaxy.com - Ladytron - Play Girl

Audioslave - Audioslave - 11 - Bring Em Back Alive

Audioslave - Audioslave - Your Savior

Audioslave - Bring Em Back Alive

Audioslave - Burning Gasoline

Audioslave - Show Me How to Live

Audioslave - The Last Remaining Light

Austin Lounge Lizards - Forty Years Old and I'm Livin' In My Mom's Garage

Austin Lounge Lizards - When Drunks Go Bad

Automatic 7 - 'Pretty In Pink'

Avril - Complicated

Avril Lavigne - Tomorrow

Avril Lavigne - Let Go

Avril Lavigne - 01 - Losing Grip

Avril Lavigne - [ALBUM] Avril Lavigne - Let Go

Avril Lavigne - [ALBUM] Avril Lavigne - Let Go

Avril Lavigne - Im With You

Avril Lavigne - Naked

Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Fool

Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi

Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say

Avril Lavigne - Unwanted

Bad Astronaut - 500 Miles

Bad Astronaut - Anecdote

Bad Astronaut - Anecdote

Bad Astronaut - Catherine Morgan

Bad Astronaut - Deformed

Bad Astronaut - Greg's Estate

Bad Astronaut - Grey Suits

Bad Astronaut - Jessica's Suicide

Bad Astronaut - Needle In The Hay

Bad Astronaut - Needle In The Hay

Bad Astronaut - Only Gof For A

Bad Religion - American Jesus

Bad Religon - You

Bad Religon - You

Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone

Bal Sagoth - Black Dragons Soar Above the..Bal-Sagoth

bal sagoth - valley of silent paths

Bal-Sagoth -l-l- In The Raven-Haunted Forests Of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign And The Hues Of Sunlight Never Dance

Bal-Sagoth - A Tale From The Deep Woods

Bal-Sagoth - As the Vortex Illuminates

Bal-Sagoth - At the Altar

Bal-Sagoth - Atlantis Ascendant

Bal-Sagoth - Enthroned In The Temple Of The Serpent Kings

Bal-Sagoth - In Search of the Lost Cities of Antarctica

Bal-Sagoth - Journey To The Isle Of Mists

Bal-Sagoth - Star Maps Of The Ancient Cosmographers

Bal-Sagoth - The Awakening Of The Stars

Bal-Sagoth - The Dreamer in the Catacombs of Ur

bal-sagoth - the power cosmic - 07 behold, the armies of war descend screaming from the heavens

Bal-sagoth - The Splendour Of A Thousand Sw

Bangs - Burnout


Beach Boys - California Girls

Beach Boys - Little Old Lady From Pasadena

Beach Boys - You're So Good To Me

Beatles - Twist and Shout

Beck - Already Dead

Beck - Beautiful Way

beck - devil's haircut

Beck - Loser

Beck - Lost Cause

Beck - Where It's At

Beehive and the Barracudas - Preteen Sex Fiend

Beethoven - 8th Symphony 1st Movement

Beethoven - 5th Symphony

Beethoven - Ave Maria

Beethoven - Beethoven - sonata no14 c mino

Beethoven - Fur Elise(Techno Remix)

beethoven - minuet in g

beethoven - Sym #6 - 1st mov allegro ma non troppo

beethoven - Sym #6 - 2nd mov andante molto mosso

beethoven - Sym #6 - 3rd mov allegro

beethoven - Sym #6 - 4th mov allegro

beethoven - Sym #6 - 5th mov allegretto

Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 in F Major (Pas

Between or Beyond the Iron Curtain - Gustav Brom - Bounty

Between or Beyond the Northern Lights - Sabu Martinez - Afro Temple

Between or Beyond the Northern Lights - Sabu Martinez - Afro Temple

Beulah - A Good Man Is Easy To Kill

Beulah - hey brother

Beulah - The Coast Is Never Clear - 08 - Hey Brother

Beulah - The Coast Is Never Clear - 08 - Hey Brother

BHG Lift your head up

BHG Lift your head up

Big Foot Chester - Mad Mad World

Big Foot Chester - Big Boat Up the River

Big Foot Chester - commit a crime

Big Foot Chester - Don't Let Anyone Turn You 'round-I Remember

Big Foot Chester - Harpoon Man

Big Foot Chester - Hellbound Train

Big Foot Chester - Railroad Bill

Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking

Bill Evans - Miles Davis with John Coltrane - All Blues - 1959(1)(1)

Bill Monroe & Doc Watson - Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Bill Monroe & Doc Watson - Chicken Reel

Bill Monroe & his bluegrass Bo - Little cabin home on the hill

Bill Monroe - Kansas City Railroad Blues

Billy & Liza - Sweet Tender Lovin'

Billy & Liza - Ten Miles To Tulsa

Bjork - Army Of Me

Bjork - Cvalda

bjork - gloomy sunday

Bjork - New World

Bjork - Overture

Bjork - Scatterheart

Bjork New World 4

Björk & Trio Guðmundar Ingólfs - I Can't Help Loving That Man

Björk - bjork - human behavior

Björk - It's Oh So Quiet

Björk - My favourite things (Full)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Love Burns

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red Eyes And Tears

black train jack - someday

Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Che

Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way (Radio Edit)

Blacklicious - Blacklicious Promo EP Track 3

Blink 182 - 05 - Time

Blink 182 - Adam's Song

Blink 182 - All The Small Thing

Blink 182 - Ben Wah Balls

Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat - 01 - Carousel

Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat - 01 - Carousel(1)

Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat - 03 - Fentoozler

Blink 182 - Does My Breath Smell

Blink 182 - Emo

Blink 182 - Emo

Blink 182 - Emo

Blink 182 - First Date

Blink 182 - Fuck a Dog in the Ass

Blink 182 - Girl At The Rock Show(1)

Blink 182 - Going Away To College

Blink 182 - M&M's

Blink 182 - Phantom of the Opera (Alternative)

Blink 182 - Seasons In the Sun(1)

Blink 182 - Sometimes

Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids

Blink 182 - Story of a Lonely Guy

Blink 182 - Touchdown Boy

Blink 182 - Wasting Time

Blink 182 - Wasting Time

Blink 182 - What's My Age Again

Blink-182 - Does My Breath Smell

Blink-182 - Sometimes

Blink182 - toms acoustic song baby

Blood Hound Gang - Lift your head up

Blood Hound Gang - Why Is Everybody Picking On Me

Bloodhag - Harlan Ellison

Bloodhound Gang - 01 - I Hope You Die

Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary

Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn

bloodhound gang - fire water burn

Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn

Bloodhound Gang - Great White Dope

Bloodhound Gang - I Wish I Was Queer so I Could

Bloodhound Gang - Scooby Snacks

Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad Of Chasey Lain

bloodhound gang - the ballad of chasey lain

bloodhound gang - your pretty when im drunk

BloodHoundGang - I Hope You Die

Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Bluegrass - Doc Watson - Lonesome Banjo

Blur - Boys and girls

Blur - Coffee and TV


Bob Dylan & Tom Petty - Knockin' On Heavens Door

Bob Dylan - Everybody Must Get Stoned

Bob Dylan - Mr Bojangles

Bob Dylan - The Story of Hurricane Carter

Bob Dylan-Highway 61 Revisited-01-Like A Rolling Stone

Bob James - Angela (Theme From "Taxi")

bob marley - Gonna Be All Right

Bob Marley - Is This Love

bob marley - Knocking on heavens door

bob marley - megamix 2000

Bob Marley - Rock Steady

Bob Marley - Stand Up For Your Right

Bob Marley - Sugar Sugar

bob marley - wake up and live

Bob Segar - Turn The Page

Bob Seger - Turn the Page

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet - Even Now

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Roll Me Away

Bob Seger - A Man Broken

Bob Seger - Can't Hit The Corners No More

Bob Seger - Feel Like A Number

Bob Seger - Night Moves

Bob Seger - Turn the Page

Bob Seger Turn The Page

Bob Seger-Old Time Rock and Roll

Bone Thugs N Harmony feat. 3LW - Get Up And Get Out

Botch - Afghamistam

Botch - Japam

Botch - Spaim

Bouncing Souls - Wig

Boxcar Willy - King of the Road


boxcarWilly- you are my sunshine

Boy kicks girl - karma

Boy Sets Fire - rookie

Boy Sets Fire - 06 - The Abominations Of Those Virtuous

Boy Sets Fire - 07 - Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannibalism

Boy Sets Fire - Fade To Black(Metallica cover)

Boy Sets Fire - Holiday in Cambodia

Boy Sets Fire - My Life In the Knife Trade

Boy Sets Fire - still waiting for the punchline

boy sets fire - timothy

Boy Sets Fire - Twelve Step Hammer Program

Boy Sets Fire - Unspoken Request

Boy Sets Fire - When Rhetoric Dies

Brak - 'Splain Love

Brak - 'Splain Love

Brak - 'Splain Love

Brand New - Failure By Design

Brand New - Jude Law And A Semester Abroad

Brand New - The No Seatbelt Song

Brenda Kahn - Christopher Says

Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet

Bright Eyes - A Song To Pass The Time

Bright Eyes - A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And a Necklace

Bright Eyes - Contrast and Compare

Bright Eyes - Falling Out of Love at This Vo

Bright Eyes - Haligh, Haligh, a lie, Haligh

Bright Eyes - It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends

Bright Eyes - No Lies, Just Love(1)

Bright Eyes - Sunrise, Sunset

Bright Eyes - The Calendar Hung Itself

Bright Eyes - The City has Sex

Bright Eyes - Touch

Britney Spears - 02 Stronger

Britney Spears - I Love Rock N Roll

Britney Spears - I'm A Slave For You

Britney Spears - I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Britney Spears - Lucky

Britney Spears - Overprotected

Britney Spears - Overprotected

Britney Spears - You drive me crazy

Brittany Spears - Dont Let Me Be The Last To Know

Brittney Spears - 12 - Dear Diary

Brittney Spears - Boys

Brittney Spears - Cheerleading Mix

brittney spears - from the bottom of my broken heart

Brittney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time

Brittney Spears - Oops, I Did It Again

Brittney Spears - Soda Pop

Brittney Spears - Sometimes

Brittney Spears-Born to make you happy

bruce springsteen - greatest hits entire album

bruce springsteen - greatest hits entire album

Bruce Springsteen - Jersey Girl

Buckethead - Big Sur Moon

Buddhist Monks - The Absolute Affirmation

Buena Vista Social Club - Candela

Buena Vista Social Club - Celia Cruz - Guantanamera

Buena Vista Social Club - Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan

Burzum - Burzum - 04 - Channeling the Power of Souls Into a New God

Burzum - Burzum - 06 - The Crying Orc

Burzum - Burzum - 07 - My Journey To The Stars

Burzum - Burzum - 08 - Dungeons Of Darkness

Burzum - Det Som Engang Var - 03 - En Ring Til Aa Herske

Burzum - Dunkelheit


Burzum - Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen

Burzum - spell of destruction.mp3

Burzum - Stemmen Fra Taarnet

Burzum - Tomhet

Burzum - War

Bush - Glycerine

Bush - Inflatable

Bush - Machinehead

Bush - Swallowed

Bush - The Chemicals Between Us

Butthole Surfers - Pepper

Butthole Surfers - Pepper

Butthole Surfers - Pepper

Cadillac Blindside - AudioTrack 04

Cake - Creep

Cake - Mr. Mastadon Farm

Candiria - 300 Percent Density

Candiria - Paradigm Shift

candiria - Process Of Self Development -11 Down To The Last Element

candiria - SignsOfDiscontent1

Cannibal Corpse - A Skull Full of Maggots

Carlos Santana & Gypsy Kings - Oye como va

ChicagoUndergroundQuartet - tunnel chrome

Choking Victim - Crack Rock Steady

Choking Victim - Death Song

Choking Victim - Fuck America

Choking Victim - In My Grave

Choking Victim - Infested

Choking Victim - Living The Laws

Choking Victim - Ska Rock Steady (Secret Song)

Choking Victim - Suicide

Choking Victim -02- In Hell

Choking Victim -07- Money

Choking Victim -08- hate yer state

Choking Victim -10- War Story

Choking Victim -12- Praise To The Sinners

Chris Cornell - Rage - Track 04

Chris Cornell - Rage - Track 07

Christina Aguilera - Come On Over Baby (Video Edit)

Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle

Christina Agulara & Redman - Dirrty

Christina Aquilera - Come On Over (All I Want Is U)

CKY - Flesh Into Gear [cKy3]

CKY - I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on E

CKY - Sink Into the Underground

Classic Guitar(Ŭ·¡½Ä±âŸ¿¬ÁÖ) - ±âŸ - La playa

Classical Guitar Masters - Beethoven- Sonata In A Minor-Classical Guitar

Claude Challe - Omar Faruk Tekbilek - I Love You

Coalesce - Black Dog

Coalesce - Jesus In The Year 2000, Next O

coheed and cambria - Godfather's Lollipop

coheed and cambria - junesong provision

Coheed And Cambria - The Second Stage Turbine Blade - Time Consumer

Collective Soul - Crazy Train (Ozzy Cover)

Comedy - Pablo Fransisco--Chinese Restaurants

Comedy - Pablo Fransisco--Chinese Restaurants

Compilation - The Broadways- 'The Kitchen Floor'

Compilation - The Broadways- 'The Kitchen Floor'

Compilation - The Broadways- 'The Kitchen Floor'

Concrete Blonde - I Wanna Be Your Friend Again

Concrete Blonde - Jenny I Read

Concrete Blonde - Joey

Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon

Converge - Bitter and Then Some

Converge - Concubine

Converge - Distance and Meaning

Converge - Fault and Fracture

Converge - Heaven in Her Arms

Converge - Hell to Pay

Converge - Homewrecker

Converge - I Abstain

Converge - Phoenix in Flames

Converge - Phoenix in Flight

Converge - Thaw

Converge - The Broken Vow

Copy (3) of {Mellincolin} - Killer Crush

Copy (3) of {Mellincolin} - Killer Crush

Copy (3) of {Mellincolin} - Killer Crush

Copy of [Nirvana] Come As You Are (Unplugged)

Copy of Copy of modest mouse - polar opposites

Copy of Copy of modest mouse - The moon and antarctica

Copy of George Thorogood - It Wasn't Me

Copy of George Thorogood - Get A Haircut

Copy of George Thorogood - Get A Haircut

Copy of George Thorogood - Get A Haircut

Copy of jets to brazil - i typed for miles

Copy of modest mouse - 3rd planet

Copy of Saves the Day - Rocks Tonic Juice Magic

Cornelio Rayna Y Ramon Ayala - Track 02

Counting Crows - Omaha

Cradle of filth - a gothic romance

Cradle of filth - a gothic romance

Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids

cradle of filth - funeral in carpathia (be quick

Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog

Creed - My Sacrifice

Creed - My Sacrifice

Creed - My Sacrifice

Cub Country - Could be the moon

Cub Country - Could be the moon

Cub Country - Could Be The Moon

Cub Country - Faithful Soldier

Cub Country - Faithful Soldier

Cub Country - Faithful Soldier

Cub Country - High Uinta High

Cub Country - High Uinta High

Cub Country - High Uinta High

Cub Country - Hit The Roof

Cub Country - Hit The Roof

Cub Country - Hit The Roof

Cub Country - Hollow Sidewalks

Cub Country - Hollow Sidewalks

Cub Country - Hollow Sidewalks

Cub Country - O Great Telephone

Cub Country - O Great Telephone

Cub Country - O Great Telephone

Cub Country - Painted flowers

Cub Country - St Louis

Cub Country - St. Louis

Cub Country - St. Louis

Cub Country - Through My Window

Cub Country - Through My Window

Cub Country - Through My Window

Cub Country - What Would You Say To Me

Cub Country - What Would You Say To Me

Cub Country - What Would You Say To Me

Cub Country - Your Old Street

Cub Country - Your Old Street

Cub Country - Your Old Street

Cursive - Shallow Means, Deep Ends

Cursive - Sink To The Beat

Cursive - The Farewell Party

Cursive - The Night I Lost the Will to Fight

Cursive - Vermont

Cursive - Warped The Wood Floors

CW Mcall - Black Bear Road

CW Mcall - Black Bear Road

CW Mcall - Black Bear Road

D.J. Digital Izzy - Norte Mega Mix - sample 3 / Various Artist (norte mega-Mix)

Dan Severn's Broken Neck - Rat Tails Set Sail

DARK TRANQUILITY - punish my heaven

Darkane - Hostile Phantasm

Darkthrone - Sin Origin

Darkthrone - Under a Funeral Moon


Dashboard Confessional - Again I Go Unnoticed

Dashboard Confessional - Ender Saves Us All

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down

Dashboard Confessional - The Best Deceptions

Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

Dashboard Confessional - The Sharp Hint Of New Tears

Dashboard Confessionals - Age Six Racer

Dashboard Confessionals - Anyone, Anyone

Dashboard Confessionals - Broken Hearts and Concrete Floors

Dashboard Confessionals - Screaming Infidelties

Dashboard Confessionals - Standard Lines

Dashboard Confessionals - Swiss army romance

Dashboard Confessionals - The Good Fight

Dashboard Confessionals - The Places You Fear the Most

dave brubeck - how high the moon

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Rondo a La Turk

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Strange Meadow Lark

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five

Dave Brubeck Quartet [25th Anniversary Reunion] - Autumn Leaves

David Bowie - Space Oddity

Dead Kennedys - Soup Is Good Food

Death Cab for Cutie - 405

Death Cab For Cutie - Champagne from a paper cup

death cab for cutie - president of what

Death Cab for Cutie - Sleep Spent

Deathray Davies - The medications gone

Deftones - Back to School

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Burnt

del tha funky homosapien - Why Ya Wanna Get Funkee

Del The Funkee Homosapien - Dr Bombay

Del The Funky Homosapien - Catch A Bad One

Del The Funky Homosapien - Future Development - 06 - X-Files

Del the Funky Homosapien - If You Must

Del The Funky Homosapien - If You Must - Dan The Automator Remix

Del The Funky Homosapiens - Mr. Dabolina

denali - Track 08

DESAPARECIDOS - give me the pen

Desaparecidos - Greater Omaha

Desaparecidos - Man and Wife The Former

Desaparecidos - Manana

Desaparecidos - Survival of the Fittest Jungle Outhere

Desaparecidos - The Happiest Place on Earth

DESAPARECIDOS - What's new for fall

di 01 - melt-banana - buddihism core

di 02 - melt-banana - hangnail (let it go)

di 03 - melt-banana - no one wants next one

di 04 - melt-banana - sicklist on fire

di 05 - melt-banana - one dimentional

di 06 - melt-banana - not d, but m, also s

dick dale - banzai washout

Dick Dale - Ghostriders in the Sky

dick dale - hava nagila

dick dale - king of the surf guitar

dick dale - mexico

Dick Dale And His Deltones - Let's Go Trippin'

Diesel Boy - Titty Twister

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb - 04 - Jettin'

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb - 05 - Borough Check

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb - 06 - Highing Fly

Dillinger Escape Plan - 43 percent burnt (Instumental)

Dillinger Escape Plan - Murder One

dillinger escape plan - sandbox magician

Dillinger Escape Plan - Variations On A Cocktail Dress

Dillinger Four - Doublewhiskeycokenoice

Dillinger Four - One Trick Pony

Dimmu Borgir - The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance

Dir En Grey - Track 02

Discordance Axis - 01- Castration Rite

Discordance Axis - 02 - The Inalienable Dreamless

Discordance Axis - 03 - Sound Out The Braille

Discordance Axis - 04 - Oratorio In Grey

Discordance Axis - 05 - Vacuum Sleeve

Discordance Axis - 06 - Angel Present

Discordance Axis - 07 - The Necropolitan

Discordance Axis - 08 - Pattern Blue

Discordance Axis - 09 - The End Of Rebirth

Discordance Axis - 10 - Loveless

Discordance Axis - 11 - Radiant Arkham

Discordance Axis - 12 - Use Of Weapons

Discordance Axis - 13 - Compiling Autumn

Discordance Axis - 14 - Jigsaw

Discordance Axis - 15 - The Third Children

Discordance Axis - 16 - A Leaden Stride to Nowher

Discordance Axis - 17 - Drowned

DISCORDANCE AXIS - Amphetimine hollow tip

Discordance axis - Dystopia pt.2

DISCORDANCE AXIS - Information sniper


Discordance Axis - sega bass fishing

DISCORDANCE AXIS - So unfilial rule


Dissection - 03 Feathers Fell

Dissection - Elizabeth Bathori

Dissection - Frozen

Dissection - Into Infinite Obscurity

Dissection - No dreams breed in breathless sleep

Distillers - Fate At Fourteen

Dixie Chicks - Green River

Dixie Chicks - Landslide

DJ Dean - Supreme Jungle Beats

dj krush - edge of blue

Doc & Merle Watson - Sittin' Here Pickin' The Blues

Doc & Richard Watson Milk Cow Blues Third Generation Blues

doc & richard watson - Gypsy Davey

doc & richard watson - South Coast

Doc Watson - Blackberry Blossom

Doc Watson - Deep River Blues

doc watson - Riding That Midnight Train

Doc Watson - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

doc watson - Windy and warm

Donnas - Hook It Up

Dredg - Triangle

Drive By Truckers - Birmingham

Drive By Truckers - The Night G.G. Allin Came To Town

Drive-By Truckers - 18 Wheels

Drive-By Truckers - 72 (This Highway's Mean)

Drive-By Truckers - 72 (this Highway's Mean)

Drive-By Truckers - Angels And Fuselage

Drive-By Truckers - Birmingham

Drive-By Truckers - Cassie's Brother

Drive-By Truckers - Days Of Graduation

Drive-By Truckers - Dead, Drunk, And Naked

Drive-By Truckers - Don't be in Love Around ME

Drive-By Truckers - Greenville To Baton Rouge

Drive-By Truckers - Guitar Man Upstairs

Drive-By Truckers - Late For Church

Drive-By Truckers - Let There Be Rock

Drive-By Truckers - Life In The Factory

Drive-By Truckers - Moved

Drive-By Truckers - Ms. Dubose

Drive-By Truckers - People Who Died

Drive-By Truckers - Plastic Flowers On The Highway

Drive-By Truckers - Road Cases

Drive-By Truckers - Ronnie And Neil

Drive-By Truckers - Shut Up And Get On The Plane

Drive-By Truckers - Southern Rock Opera Act 1 -03- 72 (This Highways Mean)

Drive-By Truckers - Southern Rock Opera Act 2 -07- Shut Up and Get On the Plane (1)

Drive-By Truckers - The Company I keep

Drive-By Truckers - The Living Bubba

Drive-By Truckers - The Living Bubba

Drive-By Truckers - The Southern Thing

Drive-By Truckers - The Southern Thing

Drive-By Truckers - The Three Great Alabama Icons

Drive-By Truckers - Wallace

Drive-By Truckers - Why Henry Drinks

Drive-By Truckers - Women Without Whiskey

Drive-By Truckers - Zip City

Drive-By-Truckers - too little Jesus

Drop Kick Murphys- Irish Drinking Song

dropkick murpheys - Four Dead Cheerleaders

Drunk Irishmen - Whiskey In The Jar

Dying Fetus - Procreate The Malformed

Eddie Van Halen - Michael Jackson - Beat It

Eels - - Untitled

Eels - - Untitled

EELS - Mr Es Beautiful Blues

Eidolon - Note

Elvis Costello - Alison

Elvis Costello - pump it up

Elvis Costello - Veronica

Elvis Presley - Are You Lonsome Tonight

Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii

Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes

Elvis Presley - Burning Love

Elvis Presley - Burning Love

Elvis Presley - Greatest Hits

elvis presley - i did it my way

Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock

Elvis Presley - On A Snowy Christmas Night

Elvis Presley - Spanish eyes

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley - Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Elvis Presley - Wooden Heart

Elvis Presly - All Shook Up

elvis presly - Blue Christmas

Elvis Presly - Kiss Me Quick

Eminem - 14 Hailies Song

Eminem - 07 - Soldier

Eminem - 13 - Superman

Eminem - Business

Eminem - Cleanin Out My Closet

Eminem - Hailie's Song

Eminem - Lose Yourself - No Skips - Guaranteed - Cervantes1337

Eminem - My Dad's Gone Crazy

Eminem - Say What You Say

Eminem - Sing For The Moment

Eminem - Square Dance

Eminem - Superman

Eminem - The Kiss (skit) -21stcentury

Eminem - Track 17

Eminem - Untitled

Eminem - White America

Eminem - White America

Eminem - Without Me (dirty)

Eminem The Eminem Show 08 - Say Goodbye To Hollywood

Emo - Alkaline Trio-Snake Oil Tanker(acoustic-xmas) (1)

Empyrean Sky - Peak of the Fall

Empyrean Sky - The Pleasure Principle

Empyrean Sky-Love Poison

Empyrean Sky-The Preperation of a Maiden

Enrique Iglesias - Don't Turn Off The Lights

Enrique Iglesias - Escape - 01 - Escape(2)

Enya - May It Be

Enya - Only If...

Enya - Only Time

Enya - Wild Child

Ernest Tubb & Willie Nelson - Waltz Across Texas

Ester Drang - Repeating The Procedure

eternal sadness - another one falls asleep (short version)

eternal sadness - aurora(short version)

Evan Dando - Down About It

Eve6 - Open Road Song

Evergreen Terrace - 1000 Years Of Wandering Words

Evergreen Terrace - In My Dreams I Can Fly

Everlast - Ends

Everlast - What It's Like

every time i die - home is where you hang yoursel

Excuse 17 - watchmaker

Exhumed - Deadest of the Dead

fags - Untitled

Faith No More - Epic

Faith No More - Falling to Pieces

Faith No More - War Pigs

Fantastic Damage - Deep Space 9mm

Fantomas - Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion

Fantomas - Page 29 [39 Frames]

Fantomas - The Devil Rides Out (remix)

Fantomas, mike patton - Simply Beautiful

Fantômas - Night of the Hunter: Dream Little One Dream

Fantômas - Page 1

Fantômas - Page 10 [15 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 11 [10 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 12 [31 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 14 [4 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 15 [22 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 16 [11 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 17 [14 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 18 [20 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 19 [21 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 20 [13 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 21 [11 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 22 [7 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 23 [17 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 24 [19 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 26 [7 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 27 [15 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 28 [20 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 29 [39 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 3 [17 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 30 [2 Frames]

Fantômas - Page 9 [11 Frames]

Fantômas - Rosemary's Baby

Fantômas - Slayer Medley

Fantômas - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Fat Boy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank

Fat Boy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank

Fat Boy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank

Female chauvanist pigs - doggie doggie

Female chauvanist pigs - doggie doggie

Femalechauvanist pigs -battered woman syndrome

Femalechauvanist pigs -battered woman syndrome

Finch - Awake

finch - letters to you

Finch - New Beginning

First Base - Heavenly

Fishbone - In The Name Of Swing

fishbone - skankin to the beat

flamenco - Samba Flamenco Strunz & Farah - Bola

flamenco Classical - Spanish Guitar Solo

Flaming Lips - Do Ya Realize

Flaming Lips - Drug Machine in Heaven

Flaming Lips - Plastic Jesus

Flaming Lips, The - She Don't Use Jelly

Floetry - Floetic

Flogging Molly - Black Friday Rule

Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor

Flogging Molly - Every Dog Has It's Day

Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Ali

Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Flogging Molly - Rebels Of The Sacred Heart

Flogging Molly - Saltydog

Flogging Molly - Swagger

Flogging Molly - The Likes Of You

Flogging Molly - The Ol' Beggars Bush

Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Flogging Molly - Track 1

Flogging Molly - Track 5

Flogging Molly - What Made Milwaukee Famous (ma

flogging molly - Whiskey In The Jar

Four Walls Falling - Price of Silence

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon

Frank Sinatra - Silver bells - Christmas -Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra - White Christmas

Frankie Yankovic - Hava Nagila

Frenzal Rhomb -

Frenzal Rhomb - you are not my friend

From Autumn to Ashes - 10 - Short Stories With Tragic Endings

from autumn to ashes - cherry kiss

from autumn to ashes - Take Her To The Music Store

from autumn to ashes - too bad your beautiful - chloroform perfume

Fuck Im Dead - Army of Hermaphrodites

Fuck Im Dead - Burnt To An Absolute Crisp

Fuck Im Dead - Delicious Dolop

Fuck Im Dead - Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook

Fuck Im Dead - Shopfront Whore

Fuck Im Dead - Skull Fucked

Fuck Im Dead - Twist of Death

Fuck Im Dead - Twist of Death

Fugazi - Cashout

fugazi - do you like me

Fugazi - Waiting Room

Fugees-Mista Mister

Further Seems Forever - Bye Bye Bye

Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down

Fury - Space Love

Gangstarr - Moment of Truth

Garbage - Push It

Garth Brooks - I've Got Friends In Low Places

Garth Brooks - If Tomorrow Never Comes

Garth Brooks - Two pina coladas

george clinton - count funkula

George Clinton - Dr Funkenstein

george clinton - give up the funk

george clinton - tear the roof off the sucka

George Thorogood - It Wasn't Me

George Thorogood - Bad to the Bone

George Thorogood - Get A Haircut

George Thorogood - It Wasn't Me

George Thorogood - Move It On Over

George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

George Thorogood - Rock and Roll Christmas

George Thoroughgood - Bad To The Bone

George Thoroughgood - Who Do You Love?

George Thurgood - Hot Rod Lincoln

Get Up Kids - The Most Depressing Song

GhoulTown - Killer In Texas

Gipsy King - Djobi djoba

Gipsy Kings - Bamboleo


Glassjaw - Cosmopolitan Bloodloss

Glassjaw - Piano

Glassjaw - Ry Ry's Song

Glassjaw - Track 3

Go-Go's - I Wanna Be Sedated (Live)

Goddammit - Alkaline Trio - Sorry About That

Goddammit - Alkaline Trio - Sorry About That

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Godspeed You Black Emperor-The

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Hung Over As The Oven In Maida

Goober & the Peas - Funky Cowboy (Hillbilly Remix)

Good Riddance - Heresy, Hypocrisy, & Revenge

Grandaddy - 07 - Egg Hit and Jack Too

grandaddy - broken household appliance national forest

Grandaddy - First Movement/Message Send

grandaddy - he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot

Grandaddy - Jed the Humanoid

Grandaddy - Miner at the dial-a-view

Grandaddy - Peeano

Grandaddy - Protected from the Rain

Grandaddy - So You'll Aim Toward the Sky

Graveworm - A Dreaming Beauty

graveworm - As the angels reach the beauty

Graveworm - Behind The Curtain Of Darkness

Graveworm - Nocturnal Hymns

Graveworm - Prophecies In Blood

Green Day - Basket Case

Green Day - Misery

groovie ghoulies - island of pogo pogo

Guns and Roses - November Rain(1)

Guns and Roses - Paradise City

Guns and Roses - Sweet Child Of Mine

Guns N Roses - Knocking on Heaven

Guns n' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

Guttermouth - asshole

Guttermouth - I'm Destroying the World

Guttermouth - I'm Punk

Guttermouth - She's Got The Look

gypsy kings - bem, bem, maria

Gypsy Kings - Canto A Brazi

Gypsy Kings - Gypsy Kings - Los Peces En El Rio

Gypsy Kings - Hotel California (The Big Lebowski)

Gypsy Kings - King Chango

Gypsy Kings - Ocho mambo

gypsy kings - salsa de noche

Gypsy Kings - Tango Flamenco - Spanish guitar(1)

Gypsy Kings - The Best Of The Gipsy Kings - Trista Pena

Haggard and Jones - Yesterday's Wine

Handsome Family - All the TVs in Town

Handsome Family - Arlene

Handsome Family - Cold, Cold, Cold

Handsome Family - Don't Be Scared

handsome family - sunday morning coming down

Handsome Family- - Trail of Time

Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hank Williams Jr. feat. Kid Rock- Naked Women and Beer(1)

Hank Williams Sr - Cool Water

Hank Williams Sr. - Jambalaya

Haste - TheAbsentee

Hayden - Dynamite Walls

Hayden - Steps Into Miles

Heavenly - C is the Heavenly Option

Heavenly - Space Matinee

Heiroglyphics - At the Helm

Heiroglyphics - Miles To the Sun

Heiroglyphics - You Never Knew

Hendrix - I Shot the Sheriff

Hermans Hermits - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat

Hermans Hermits - I'm Into Something Good

Hey Mercedes - Eleven to Your Seven

Hieroglyphics - You never new

Hip Hop-Ludacris- Southern Hospitality

hissyfits - california

hopesfall - a man exits

hopesfall - andromeda

Hopesfall - April Left With Silence

hopesfall - dead in magazines

hopesfall - dead in magazines

hopesfall - decoys like curves

hopesfall - escape pod for intangibles

Hopesfall - Hopesfall - A Winter's Rose

HopesFall - Hopesfall - Endeavor

HopesFall - Hopesfall - From Your Hands

hopesfall - only the clouds

HopesFall - Shines Trough

hopesfall - the bending

HopesFall - The Broken Heart of a Traitor

hopesfall - Waitress

Hot Snakes - Gar Forgets His Insulin

Hot Snakes - I Hate The Kids

Hot Snakes - Our Work Fills The Pews

Hot Snakes - Past Lives

Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice

Hot Snakes - Who Died

Hot Snakes - Why Does It Hurt?

Hot Water Music - emo

Hot Water Music - Hit and Miss

Hot Water Music - Jack Of All Trades

Hot Water Music - Paper Thin

Hot Water Music - Rooftops

House of Pain - Jump Around

humor - Yakov Smirnoff

Idle Hands - IdleHands BitterMelody.mp3

In Flames - Murders In The Rue Morgue

In Flames - The Hive

Ingurgitating Oblivion - Descent to the Temple

international noise conspiracy - capitalism stole my virginity

Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter

iron maiden - fear of the dark

Iron Maiden - Genghis Khan

iron maiden - phantom of the opera

Iron Maiden - Run to The Hills

Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man

iron maiden - wasted years

isis - godflesh cover

j mas - lets go 2 church

J Mascis & The Fog - The One

J Mascis - The Boy With The Thorn In...

James Brown - Kansas City

James Taylor - Fire And Rain

Jamiroquai - Just Dance

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing

Jane's Addiction - Stop!

jawbreaker - ache

jawbreaker - ashtray monument

jawbreaker - chesterfeild king

jawbreaker - do you still hate me

jawbreaker - fireman

Jawbreaker - I Love You So Much Its Killing Us Both

Jawbreaker - Indictment

Jawbreaker - With Or Without U-2

Jeff Buckley - Catnip Dream

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Nostalgia For an Age that Neve

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon - Plastic Jesus

Jerky boys - Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Kerpal

Jerky Boys - Arnolds Pizza Shop

Jerky Boys - Furby (FUNNY AS CRAP!!!!!)

Jerky boys - Furby Prank Call

Jerky Boys - Gay Construction Worker(2)

Jerky Boys - Kerpal - My Friend I'll Kill You

Jerky Boys - Sol's Phobia

Jerky Boys - Terrorist Pizza

Jerky Boys - Testing for jeopardy

Jermaine Dupri - Welcome To Atlanta

jesus.com-endless evening

jesus.com-summer song

jesus.com-the closing

jesus.com-windswept emptiness

jethro tull - Beethovens Ninth Symphony (Live 1977)

Jets to Brazil - 09 Milk and Apples

Jets to Brazil - All Things Good and Nice

Jets To Brazil - Cat Heaven

Jets To Brazil - China Town

Jets To Brazil - Conrad

Jets to Brazil - Crown of the Valley

jets to brazil - i typed for miles

jets to brazil - king medicine

Jets to Brazil - Lemon Yellow Black

Jets To Brazil - Mid-Day Anonymous

Jets to Brazil - Milk and Apples (1)

jets to brazil - One Summer Last Fall

jets to brazil - one summer last fall (1)

Jets To Brazil - Perfecting Loneliness

Jets to Brazil - Resistance Is Futile

Jets to Brazil - Sleep

Jets To Brazil - Starry Configurations

Jets to Brazil - You're Having the Time of My Life

Jets to Brazil - Youre X-Rays

jewish - hava nagila

jewish - hava nagila

Jewish Songs - Hava Nagila (techno Remix)

jewish songs - hava nagila (techno remix)

Jewish Songs - Hava Nagila (techno Remix)

Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel #6

Jimmie Rodgers - Blue Yodel (T for Texas) - Jimmy Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers - English Country Garden

Jimmie Rodgers - Gambling Bar Room Blues

Jimmy Rodgers - Blue Yodel No. 8 (Mule Skinner Blues)

Jimmy Rodgers - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine [1957]

Jimmy Rodgers - Track

Joan Osborne - What If God Was One Of Us

Joe Cocker - St. James Infirmary Blues

John Coltrane - Blue Train

John Coltrane - Blue Train

John Coltrane - Stardust

john coltrane - the night has a thousand eyes

John Mayer - 01 - No Such Thing

john wayne army - 100 teardrops

Jorge Palma - Dormia Tão Sossegada

Josie and The Pussy Cats - 3 Small Words

Josie and the Pussycats - dujour around the world (performed by DuJour)

Josie and the Pussycats - Real Wild Child

Josie and the Pussycats - Shapeshifter

Josie and the Pussycats - Theme Song

Josie and the Pussycats - You Don't See Me

Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack - 03 - Josie and the Pussycats - Spin Around

Jucifer - Amplifier

Jumbo - Aqui

Kamelot - The Light I Shine on You

Kelly Joe Phelps - Taylor John

Ken Burns - Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly

ken burns - louis armstrong hello dolly

KFF 14 Presidents Of The United States Of America Kick Out The Jams

Kid Rock - Baby Come Home

Kid Rock - You Never Met A Motherfucker Quiet Like Me

Kid Rock - Cocky

Kid Rock - I'm Wrong, But You Ain't Right

Kid Rock - Lay It On Me

Kid Rock - Lonely Road Of Faith

Kid Rock - Midnight Train To Memphis

Kid Rock - Picture (Featuring Sheryl Crow)

Kid Rock - Picture (Featuring Sheryl Crow)

Kid Rock - Trucker Anthem

Kid Rock - Wastin Tim e

Kind of Like Spitting - On the Subject of Her New Gold Star

kols - Track 2

Koufax-Move Out Move On

Kronos Quartet and Astor Piazzola - Despertar

Ladytron - Cease2xist

Ladytron - Fire

Ladytron - The Reason Why

Ladytron - The Reason Why

ladytron - The Way That I Found You

ladytron - The Way That I Found You

Ladytron - True Mathematics

Ladytron - True Mathematics

Ladytron - Turn It On

Ladytron - Turn It On

Lagwagon - Alien 8

Lagwagon - Beer Goggles


Lagwagon - Violins

Lajon Of Sevendust - Angels Son

Land-Speed - softball

Lawrence arms - Andreas

Lawrence Arms - Chicago Is Burning

Lawrence Arms - The Last One

Lawrence Arms, the - Nebraska

Laymen Terms - Back To When

laymen terms - the CS games

laymen terms - thin ice

Laymen Terms - Tired Minds

lazy lester - Hello mary lee

Le Tigre - Hot Topic

Led Zeplin - Stairway To Heaven

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop

led zeppelin - zeplin stairway to heaven

Led Zepplin - Going To California

Led Zepplin - Kasmir

Led Zepplin - Tangerine

Len - Cryptik Souls Crew

Len - Feelin' Alright

Len - Kids In America

lenard skinner - sweet home alabama

Less Than Jake - 867-5309

Less Than Jake - Automatic

Less Than Jake - Big Crash

Less Than Jake - Crazy Glue

Less Than Jake - Fucked

Less Than Jake - Gilligans Is

Less Than Jake - Gilligans Island

Less Than Jake - Greased Lightning

Less Than Jake - Happy Days(punk cover)

Less Than Jake - History of a Boring Town

Less Than Jake - I think I love you

Less Than Jake - I Would Walk 500 Miles

Less Than Jake - I'm A Dude

Less Than Jake - Is This Thing On?

Less Than Jake - Losing Streak

Less Than Jake - Metalheads

Less Than Jake - Richard Allen George...No, It's Just Cheese

Less Than Jake - Teenager in Love

Less than Jake {Twisted Sister - We're not Gonna take it

Lets Talk About Leftovers - Laymen Terms

Libbi Bosworth - Pine Box


Lil Wayne - Look At Me

Lil Wayne - Shine f- Hot Boys

Limp Bizkit - Boiler

Little Walter - Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)


Living End - Prisoner Of Society

Living End - West End Riot

Lois Maffeo and Brendan Canty - You Love Your Wounds

Lonesome Bob - love is not blind

Long Winter's Stare - In The Hall Of Odin

long winter's stare - War Epic

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Sopa De Caracol

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs y Celia Cruz - Vasos Vacios

Los Relampagos del Norte - Con La Tinta de Mi Sangre

Los Tigeres Del Norte - mañanitas a mi madre

Los Tigres del Norte - El espinazo del diablo

Los TIgres del Norte - Megamix..corridos De Los Tigres

Loudness - Crazy Nights

Loudness - Run For Your Life

Louis Armstrong - Lazy River

louis armstrong and his hot five - West End Blues

Loveline - Adam Corolla ranting

Loveline - Dr. Drew Shuffle and Boogie

lucero - nights like these (demo)

Ludacris - Ho

Ludacris - Mouthin Off

Ludacris - Move Bitch Ft Mystikal I-20

Ludacris - Roll Out

Ludacris - Roll Out (My Business) (Radio Edit)

Ludacris / Nate Dogg - Area Codes

Ludacris Presents DTP - growing pains (do it again rmx dirty)

Ludacrist - Southern Hospitality

Ludicrious - We Drop Bows

Magadeath - Kill The King

Maleko - Cap Frapp

Man... Or Astroman? - Um Espectro Sem Escala

Mana - vivir sin aire

Mandy Moore - Crush

marilyn manson - Hit Me Baby One More Time (Live)

Markevitch - Scherzo. Alegro scherzando gio

Markevitch - Scherzo. Alegro scherzando gio

Marylin Manson - Beautiful People

Marylin Manson - Sweet Dreams

Matchbox 20 & Willie Nelson - Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

MC 900 ft. Jesus - While the City Sleeps

MC900ft Jesus - If I Only Had a Brain

mdfmk - 01 - now

MDFMK - 04 - Gasoline

Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies - I Think I Love You

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - I Get Around

me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - Mrs. Robinson

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - My favorite things

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - somewhere over the rainbow

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies -My Boyfriends Back

meditation-ravi shankar ali akbar khan - from india - 01 raga palas kafi

Megadeath Sweating Bullets

mellincolin - An Elf and his hippo

mellincolin - material boy

Mellincolin-Mr. Clean

Melt Banana - (untitled)

Melt Banana - 55 Hands Need To Cut Down

Melt Banana - A Teaspoon Of Salt

Melt Banana - Blandished Hatman

Melt Banana - Bragg

Melt Banana - Chicken Headed Raccoon Dog

Melt Banana - Cook Cool Kyau Kuru

Melt Banana - Cry For More Fish

Melt Banana - Cut Off

Melt Banana - Dust Head

Melt Banana - In X Out = Bug

Melt Banana - Mind Thief

Melt Banana - Mouse Is A Biscuit

Melt Banana - P-Pop-Slop

Melt Banana - P.B.D.

Melt Banana - Pierced Eye

Melt Banana - Scissor Quiz

Melt Banana - Screw, Loose

Melt Banana - Scrubber

Melt Banana - Smell The Medicine

Melt Banana - So Unfilial Rule

Melt Banana - Stick Out

Melt Banana - Switch

Melt Banana - Tail In Garbage

Melt Banana - Too Many To Dispose

melt banana - chase the magic words, lego lego

Melt Banana - Chipped zoo on the wall, Wastes in the sky................

Melt Banana - Picnic In Panic

Melt Banana - Section Eight

Melt Banana - Showroom Dummies

melt banana - surfin' usa

Melt Banana - We Will Rock You

Melt-Banana - 01 - dead spex

Melt-Banana - 01 - Free the Bee

Melt-Banana - 03 - ethar twisted

Melt-Banana - 03 - ethar twisted

Melt-Banana - Bright Splat (Red Point, Black Dot)

Melt-Banana - Bright Splat (Red Point, Black Dot)

Melt-Banana - Cub, Not Cube

Melt-Banana - Cut Off

Melt-Banana - Eleventh 7" side A

Melt-Banana - Eleventh 7" side B

Melt-Banana - First Contact to Planet Q

Melt-Banana - First Contact to Planet Q

Melt-Banana - Flash cube, or Eyeball

Melt-Banana - Flash cube, or Eyeball

Melt-Banana - Flip and Hit

Melt-Banana - Free the Bee

Melt-Banana - Free the Bee

Melt-Banana - How To Parlare

Melt-Banana - In X Out = Bug

Melt-Banana - Lost in Mirror

Melt-Banana - Lost in Mirror

Melt-Banana - Moon Flavor

Melt-Banana - Pierced Eye

Melt-Banana - Skit Closed, Windy...

Melt-Banana - Smell the Medicine

Melt-Banana - Switch

Melt-Banana - Third Attack

Melt-Banana - Third Attack

Melt-Banana - Third Attack

Melt-Banana - Track 07

Melt-Banana - Track 25

Melt-Banana - Uncontrolable Urge

Melt-Banana - Warp, Back Spin

Melt-Banana - Warp, Back Spin

melvins - divorced

Melvins - Honey Bucket

Melvins - Honey Bucket

Melvins - Joan Of Arc

Merle Haggard - Cherokee Maiden

Merle Haggard - Fulsom Prison Blues

Merle Haggard - Green, Green Grass Of Home

Merle Haggard - Honky Tonk Mama

merle haggard - I'll just stay here and drink

Merle Haggard - I'm Still Your Daddy

Merle Haggard - If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)

Merle Haggard - Let's chase each other around the room tonight

Merle Haggard - My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

Merle Haggard - Okie From Muskogee


Merle Haggard - Sing A Sad Song

Merle Haggard - Sing Me Back Home

Merle Haggard - Someday When Things Are Good

Merle Haggard - Take This Job And Shove It

Merle Haggard - The Fighting Side of Me

Merle Haggard - The Highway is My Home

Merle Haggard - The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp

Merle Haggard - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

merle haggard - Truck Driver's Blues

Merle Haggard - Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star

merle haggard - willie nelson & merle haggard...seven spanish angels

Merle Haggard, Doug Supernaw, Charlie Pride, David Allan Coe & Waylon Jennings - You Never Even Call Me By My Name

merzbow - 1930

Merzbow - Aqua Necromancer

merzbow - cannibalism of machine

merzbow - Pulse Demon

merzbow - The Purity of Chaos with Cosmos

Meshuggah - Nebulous

Meshuggah - Vanished

Metallica & Brittany Spears - Fuck me Baby, one more time

Metallica & Brittany Spears - Fuck me Baby, one more time

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michelle Branch - All You Wanted

Mike Patton - 16-A Woman With The Skin Of Th

Mike Patton - wuxiapian

Miles Davis and John Coltrane - 05 - Bye Bye Blackbird

Miles Davis and John Coltrane - 05 - Bye Bye Blackbird

Millencolin - Highway Donkey

Millencolin - Jellygoose

Millencolin - Material Boy

Millencolin - Melack

Millencolin - No Cigar

Millencolin - Pain

Millencolin - Shake Me

Millencolin - Twenty Two

Minor Threat - Minor Threat(4)

Minor Threat - Seeing red

Misfits - Die, Die My Darling

Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead

Misfits - Teenagers From Mars

Misfits - This Island Earth

Misfits of SKA - I'm in love w-a girl named spike

Mixed Country - El Paso, Marty Robbins

Mixed Country - El Paso, Marty Robbins

Moby Grape - Omaha

Modest Mouse - 04 - Slow Motion (Color TV)

modest mouse - 3rd planet

modest mouse - a different city

modest mouse - baby blue sedan

modest mouse - birds vs. worms

modest mouse - dramamine

Modest Mouse - Interstate 8

modest mouse - medication

Modest Mouse - Novacaine

Modest Mouse - Polar Opposites

Modest Mouse - Race Car Grin You Ain't No Lan

Modest Mouse - Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset

Modest Mouse - The Cold Part

modest mouse - The moon and antarctica

Modest Mouse - Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes

Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash

Modest Mouse - Wagon Ride Return

Modest Mouse- Karma's Pavement

Mogwai - 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong

Mogwai - katrien

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan

Mogwai - radar maker

Mogwai - yes! i am a long way from home

Mojo Nixon & Jello Biafra - Redneck Rampage

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - Jesus At McDonalds

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - She's Vibrator Dependent

Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors - I Don't Want No Cybersex

mojo nixon - elvis is everywhere

Mojo Nixon - Redneck Rampage

Mojo Nixon - Rockaway Beach

Mojo Nixon - The Poontango

Mojo Nixon - Tie my pecker to my leg

Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra - Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus

Moonspell - An Erotic Alchemy

morbid angel - god of emptiness

Morbid Angel - Summoning Redemption

Mortal Combat 2 Theme

MotorHead - Ace of Spades

Mozart - Laudate Dominum

mozart - requiem

MP3's - Led zepplin black dog

mr bungle - Legend Of Zelda Theme (Rare Co

Mr. Bungle & Sepultura - The Waste

Mr. Bungle - Backstrokin'

Mr. Bungle - Backstrokin'

Mr. Bungle - Backstrokin'

Mr. Bungle - Bienvenidos

mr. bungle - Castlevania Medley (Live)

Mr. Bungle - Desert Search for Techno Allah

mr. bungle - Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Mr. Bungle - Hit Me Baby One More Time (Brintney Spears Cover)

mr. bungle - Legend Of Zelda Theme

Mr. Bungle - Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

Mr. Bungle - Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

Mr. Bungle - Merry Go Bye Bye

Mr. Bungle - Merry Go Bye Bye

Mr. Bungle - None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

mr. bungle - Pee Wee Herman Theme (Ska Version)

Mr. Bungle - Platypus

Mr. Bungle - Platypus

Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo

Mr. Bungle - Sweet Charity

Mr. Bungle - The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

Mr. Bungle - The Bends

Mr. Bungle - The Bends

Mr. Bungle - The Girls of Porn

Mr. Bungle - The Secret Song

Mr. T Experience - Mr. Ramones

Mr.Bungle - This song sucks more than the band Anal Cunt

Mr.Bungle - This song sucks more than the band Anal Cunt



Muddy Waters - Cold Weather Blues

Muddy Waters - Live in Chicago , Kansas City

Muddy Waters - Lousiana blues

Muddy Waters - Walkin' Blues

Mudvayne - In the Wake of a Dream

Mudvayne - Mudvayne - The End Of All Thin

Mudvayne - World So Cold

Muslimgauze - Arab Jerusalem

MXPX - Chick Magnet

MXPX - DoinTime

MxPx - Responsibility

MXPX - Rock And Roll Girl

my bloody valentine - cigarette in your bed

My Bloody Valentine - Loom (live) - 09 - Soon

My Bloody Valentine - Loomer

My Bloody Valentine - Moon Song

my bloody valentine - we have all the time in the world

My Bloody Valentine-Only Shallow

MyMorningJacket-O Is The One

N.E.R.D - Lap Dance

Napalm death - Exile

nas- -hate me now

NERD (The Neptunes) - Am I High

NERD (The Neptunes) - Things Are Getting Better

NERD - Rockstar

New Artist (326) - Reggie and the Full Effect - A

New Artist (902) - Track 07


New bomb turks - Chocolate Watchband

New Bomb Turks - End of the Great Credibility R

New Bomb Turks - Hammerless Nail

New Bomb Turks - I Want My Baby... Dead-!

New Bomb Turks - If I Only Could

New Bomb Turks - Jukebox Lean

New Bomb Turks - Runnin On Go

New Bomb Turks - Snap Decision

New Bomb Turks - This Place Sucks

New Found Glory - Belated

New Found Glory - Forget My Name

New Found Glory - Head On Collision

New Found Glory - My Friend's Over You

New Found Glory - My Heart Will Go On

New Found Glory - The Story So Far

New Found Glory - Understatement

Nick Cave & The Flaming Lips - What A Wonderful World

Nile - [in Their Darkened Shrines] -

Nile - Barra Edinazzu

Nile - Die Rathe Krieg Lied Der Assyr

Nile - II Invocation to Seditious Heresy

Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines - 05 - Unas Slayer of the Gods

Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines - 12 - IV. Ruins

Nile - Multitude Of Foes

nile - Nas Akhu Khan She En Asbiu

Nile - Pestilence And Iniquity

Nile - Ramses Bringer Of War

Nile - The Black Flame

Nile - The Black Hand of Set

Nile - The Howling Of The Jinn

Nile - Whisper in the Ear of the Dead

Nile - Whisper in the Ear of the Dead

Nile - Wind of Hours


Nirvana - All Appologies

no artist - Stevie Ray Vaughn & Dbl Troubl

no artist - Stevie Ray Vaughn & Dbl Troubl

No Use For a Name - 04.51 Days

No Use For A Name - A Postcard Would Be Nice

No Use For A Name - Enjoy The Silence


NOFX - 01 - The Decline

nofx - electricity

NOFX - louise

NOFX - The Decline

Nora - For The Travelers

Nora - Lead Pipe Moment

Norah Jones - Come Away with Me

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why

Norah Jones - Seven Years

Norah Jones - The Long Day Is Over

North Mississippi Allstars - Goin' Down South

North Mississippi Allstars - Someday Baby

North Mississippi Allstars - Station Blues

nusrat fateh ali khan - Hommage (talvin singh mix)

Nusrat fateh Ali khan - Mustt Musty (Massive Attack)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Piya Re (remix)

Oasis - Wonderwall

Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party

OK Go - 1000 Miles Per Hour

OK Go - Antmusic

OK Go - ByeByeBaby

Ok Go - C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips

Ok Go - Get Over It

OK Go - HelloMyTreacherousFriends

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Posting a list of every mp3 you have is slightly interesting, but its too overwhelming to even* give a shit.


The top 5 cds threads are nice and tolerable. Thoze shits R phaTZ do0D.


*ever - even

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this is kinda very outdated.. but the incomplete, complete album list goes...


3 Way Cum

-Killing The Life



-Customized Circle


-Martha Splatterhead


-Self Titled

Ancient Chinese Secret

-Caveat Emptor


-Still Life




-Misery Index


-Self Titled

Bad Acid Trip


Bad Brains

-Self Titled


-Soul of the Martur

Black Army Jacket



-A Touch Of Blatz


-Self Titled

Bolt Thrower

-Realm of Chaos

Born Against

-The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure


-We Are The Romans


-Pogo Till You Puke

-Last Years Youth

Bruce Banner

-I Love Fucked Up Noise


-Matando Gueros

-Raza Odiada

Brutal Truth

-Goodbye Cruel World

Burnt By The Sun

-Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution

Capitalist Casulties

-Self Titled

Choking Victim

-No Gods No Managers

Circle Jerks

-Group Sex

-Wild In The Streets

Civil Disobedience

-In A Few Hours Of Madness

-Invention Extinction

Code 13

-Complete Discography

Combat Wounded Veteran

-I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos

-What Flavor Is Your Death Squad Leader


-Self Titled


-Burning Flesh And Broken Fingers


-Duct Tape Soup

-Sound Of A New World Being Born

Crossed Out


Dead Kennedys

-Bedtime For Democracy


-Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

-In God We Trust - Plastic Surgery Disasters

-Spend 4th Of July Weekend With DK

Despise You

-West Side Horizons


-Burn This Racist System Down



-Your Choice


-Symbols, Signals and Noise

Discordance Axis

-Inalienable Dreamless



-Original Sound Version


-Fuck Peaceville


-Self Titled


-Killed By The Kids


-Human = Garbage

-The Aftermath


-No Faith

-We're Not The Problem

East West Blast Test

-Chris Dodge . Dave Witte - East West Blast Test

Exit Wound



-Shit Split

Fleas And Lice

-Recipes For Catastrophies


-Fast Times At The Jersey Shore

Fuck.. I'm Dead

-Bring on the Dead


-Dance My Dunce

-Toilet Kids Bread

Gang Green

-The Taang Years


-Equalizing Distort


-mia - anthology

Guns N Roses

-Appetite For Destruction



-The Kill Yourself Commandment


-Art Damaged Masochists Volume One

Guyana Punchline

-Maximum Smashism

Harum Scarum

-Mental Health


-A Sound Like Shit

-Cheerleaders for Imperialism




-Discography 85-93


-The Brain

His Hero Is Gone

-Monuments to Thieves

-15 Counts of Arson

Human Remains

-Using Sickness As a Hero

-Where Were You When


-No Man's Slave


-Great Teen Suicide Rebellion

Initial State

-Abort The Soul

Leftover Crack

-Mediocre Generica

Lip Cream

-Shocking Disc Terror

Man Is The Bastard

-Sum Of The Men



-Self Titled



Medication Time

-One Free Miracle Ticket

Melt Banana

-Cactuses Come In Flock

-Speak Squeak Creak

-Teeny Shiny

Men's Recovery Project

-Resist The New Way

Minor threat



-Open Up And Take Your Bullet


-Static Age


-Self Titled

Motley Crue

-Shout at the Devil

-Too Fast For Love

Nashville Pussy

-Say Something Nasty


-Extinction - The Second Coming



Nigel Pepper Cock

-The New Way

No Less

-Boxed In


-Punk in Drublic

-Rancid split

-White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean

Operation Ivy


Oppressed Logic

-It's Harassment


-Destroying The Masses

-Means Of Existence



-Sniping Pigz


-How To Clean Everything

-Less Talk More Rock


-Love Songs For The Retarded


-Self Titled

-Let's Go

Reagan Youth

-A Collection Of Pop Classics

Real Reggae

-Maze + THC Best

Reversal Of Man

-This Is Medicine


-Fuck You This Is Rice

Rudimentary Peni


-EP's of RP

-Death Church


-Moving Pictures

Scholastic Deth

-Killed By School

Scrotum Grinder

-The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever



Senseless Apacolypse

-Senseless Stereotyped Idea

Severed Head Of State


Sick Of It All

-Blood, Sweat and No Tears

Sloppy Seconds

-Knock Yer Block Off

Soilent Green

-A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down

-Sewn Mouth Secrets


-Crush Kill Destroy

-la revancha

-Romantic Gorrilla Split

-Sweatin 2

Stapled Shut

-Self Titled

State Of Fear



-Spamthology Vol.1



Suicidal Tendencies

-Self Titled


-Chemical Invasion


-Win Our Freedom In Fire


-Lower Class Crucifixion


-Peace Thru Vandalism

-Sweatin To The Oldies


-Audio Terrorism

-Fiesta Comes Alive


-Television Themes


-The Punk Singles 1981-1985


-The First Year

Whorehouse Of Representatives


Word Salad

-Deathmarch 2000

-Self titled


-Los Angeles - Wild Gift


-Einstweilige Vernichtung

Youth Enrage


Youth Of Today

-Break Down The Walls

-Were Not In This Alone

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