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  1. alabama

    thats 4 niggas ridin' strapped in grandpa's Cadillac

    damn.....caught that expert years ago.
  2. alabama

    I'm sorry

    bump this....i traded with you a time or two, but lost touch several years ago.....being retired has its perks huh?
  3. alabama

    Dallas Benchin

    on this page... eats aser/sing sauce network happy bday bobby cox.
  4. alabama

    Hi Me make new postie for you

    160 lives......and i'm still a fan of nonsense.
  5. alabama

    cack son

    plenty of good ones...bump for big eats.
  6. alabama

    the final four couldnt have sucked harder...

    goner/karma/radio aser/kano
  7. alabama

    You Are Your Art

    aser lopro/brizo voice tars destn
  8. alabama

    A Proper Super Bowl Poll

    about to crack the first cold one of the day and continue watching the hype.....hopefully the seahawks can pull it off........even though deshea townsend was a bammer, i gotta pull for alexander.....roll damn tide.
  9. alabama

    Fucking Crybaby,

    gondola love 1up pepe and those extended lengths.
  10. alabama

    From Virginia...

    the boy ASER.......SFRXR GONER WH
  11. alabama

    Chaos in Tejas

    big ol gooser.......SFRXR
  12. alabama

    Ottawa central railroad part 3

    the herzogg family!!!!!
  13. one of the best threads on 12oz in awhile...
  14. alabama

    The Hacksaw Jim Duggan Post

    out of the grave..........bump this since some of the pics are still there...
  15. alabama


    fucking badass post!!!