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  1. did you read the comments on that article? jesus christ stupid people fucking thrive in the comments section i swear
  2. Queens is big as fuck. Vast even. hating on queens off top is stupid but live your life SLAPBASSPRESIDENT do me a favor and define "bothered" like, are strong looks gonna "bother" your girl? hollering? pinch on the butt cheeks? molly in her champagne?
  3. move to queens, brooklyn is very overwhelmingly corny even if you are in a good mood your girl sounds white and kind, maybe try ridgewood or maspeth maspeth Is america, ok?
  4. correct me if im wrong but werent you adopted by chinese people or something? you ever looked your father in the eyes, soup? (skype doesnt count)
  5. 20 nuggets last thursday was the highlight meal of the weak, and i ate pretty good otherwise something about those nuggets, and she gave me fries for the lowlow.......... beatriz at the mcdonalds on wyckoff ave, hey girl merry christmas
  6. bumps w the ecuadorians at the bodega, christmas comes early if you bring your own straw christmas day at the bar? always unpredictable
  7. bought 4 bags of these drunk.......they are Wonderful. merry christmas from the bodega
  8. pink polo shirt wearing ass nigga i just remembered somebody once posted their halloween costume or some shit, and their girl was in it, and she was this cute white girl w a fat ass. i remember that. the mind is a curious thing
  9. ^nawww, i respect your snyder's game but honey mustard is too sweet. chips and chip like products should be savory, this aint dessert. but seriously what the fuck is snyders doing to make these "Pretzel Pieces" so bad for you? I swear even the tiny vending machine size bag has like 70% daily and saturated fat PLUS like an 8 ball of that polytransgenderedfat that they dont even put a percent for, because there is no healthy daily amount
  10. these are pretty good. they are shockingly bad for you though , but It's Nothing
  11. great pictures, sorry dog dead
  12. i been eating these recently i think im depressed
  13. IOU is that a omelette a quiche a fritatata or what finishing omelettes in the oven is what's really good everything on this page is SERIOUS
  14. ^why the fuck not? not a pirates fan but cutch is dope
  16. ^wow that was so easy, pathetic. damn did u grow up Doing Computer or what dog ?
  17. hahaha wow each successive unplanned pregnancy and the associated weight gain are gonna make that tattoo more and more tragic and hilarious
  18. metronome and collschool with the dope shit! very nice snakes >>>>>
  19. congrats ralphy, 6 years is fucking insane! impossible to imagine, really no dope no pills been clean after a couple fuck ups in the last year been doing coke but not regularly, being Careful ha ha ha drinking every day best thing has been working as much as possible, being busy all day and physically exhausted in the evening is the best prevention ive discovered so far -cus
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