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  1. in an act of false charity, offer it as a gift to your worst enemy
  2. i actually have never got a burger from checkers haha basically get that little popcorn chicken/shrimp combo box that comes w fries for 3BUCKS out the door its good as fuck and cheap and they give you a fork too so you can eat it on the train like a fucking gentleman
  3. just logged in - wondering why oh yeah , checkers
  4. ^yea that was a good game, so was no - atl in week 1. cant believe 9ers lost that game to the bears, pathetic
  5. protester everything you just posted looks amazing but your hand is hella purple what gives
  6. Re: random thoughts incredible how dog ass horny you can be before you nut, and how uninterested in sex you can be after being bipolar is probably like that, just all the time thats crazy
  7. some disgusting looking pizza on this page shame on you all
  8. ^ shouldve just gone to in n out right over there over there most likely
  9. burying your bone in some strange truly, The World's Game
  10. looks good , mushrooms and pasta is always good
  11. wisconsin "wheel" looks bready as fuck will the fast food pizza chains eventually offer a vegan option???? i fear the future
  12. it was definitely morton that called you out last time, red. friend just celebrated a year. incredible
  13. You could absolutely pay me to be that wack for that much money that guy fieri paper
  14. cardboard......im not trying to hate but you caught a boner off a greyhound conversation that is little homie behavior
  15. u eat a whole pint of ice cream? after lunch? how stoned are u buddy
  16. the fucks going on w that crust though? it looks like a pizza sitting on top of another pizza been eating left over pizza for the last few days that was given to me by a kind stranger its really bad
  17. had to leave a BBQ early to be somewhere else.........had to eat two mcdoubles and fries for dinner as a result..............getting places on time is crazy
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