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  1. mexican spot nearby makes amazing nachos.. but theyre like 11 bucks?????? money is crazy
  2. bulletproof chicken.......for breakfast life is crazy
  3. in the city??? damn i cant stand city bodegas that charge extra for lettuce, tomato, everything whole world gone crazy
  4. wow lmao unforbidden love.......she mean forbidden love right?????? hahahahaha these schools are failing our children
  5. the chinese buffet right over here is trash....kinda expensive too. in a huge fucking building they only use part of, with a big ass parking lot too. how are they in business??? another mystery for another day
  6. how are the wings So Good but the general tso So Bad at the bulletproof around the corner????? about to open an x file on this shit, figure some shit out
  7. your boy needs to put his weight into those punches, he throws flat footed with his arms
  8. had an 11 dollar burger the other night it was good, but not that good shouldve known better
  9. @INJ - in a major way one of the best albums all time
  10. benjamin button in blackface, hitting backspace, three-wheeling backwards thru time/space (UNGHH)
  11. god body off coke boys 4, i love that beat too the muslim wedding beat isnt the best, but that gong sound? so rare first time i heard the shot caller beat was actually a peedi crakk mixtape version PEEEEDI
  12. listened to gza liquid swords today, still so damn good been listening to gangstarr a lot recently too? feeling old???
  13. whaaaat? you are so wrong about that how can you not like this beat? his beats are so distinct, you know a crazy fraud beat almost immediately when you hear it. or this one come on now , 88 coupes??? the fraud beats on the coke boys 4 are crazy been listening to vince staples shyne coldchain 2, im am way into it new migos no label 2 is like on hour long migos song.....and thats not a bad thing
  14. wes anderson movies map some coming of age blossoming into maturity shit for me. like when I first saw Rushmore I was like whoa this is cute and whimsical and arty and different - Cool. now his whimsy is just disgusting and cloying and way too sweet. ahhh to be young and idealistic. tldr: ayyy lmao
  15. that tagliatele looks good as fuck, never had that noodle? why does it come bundled like that?
  16. ^may I ask why? unless you have celiacs i dont understand why people feel the need to cut gluten out entirely. four people at my job are gluten free, only one has any real medical reason to be so.
  17. i wanted that rodeo burger, but yeah i fucked up. spicy chicken sandwich is whats up
  18. indeed i knew mcdonalds in manhattan dont have dollar menu, but the one in downtown brooklyn said mcdouble were 1.79?????? did not purchase on GP
  19. wow that looks delicious and i dont normally enjoy the sweet/savory thing Porcelain you are smelling very diabetic my dude
  20. finally took Cil's advice about eating healthy huh? hahaha but ayyyyyyyy lmao whats up ff thread , tried to enter a bk today in downtown brooklyn but there was like 30+ people waiting in a huge human puddle of a line. why cant people form organized lines at bk or mcdonalds???? its always some cumulus cloud, abstract line type bullshit. so i ate some peanuts instead while i rode the bus back home. oh recently i tried that kfc go cup nonsense, that shit was TRASH but maybe it was just because i went to a real shitty kfc and dude at the counter was somehow both very overeager to take my order and at the same time rude as fuck. personality goes a long way you know
  21. jesus christ, you okay? I see why you portion out your meals for the week now homie
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