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  1. Re: George Zimmerman vs. The Game <boxing match comfirmed> SO EXCITED FOR THIS i just hope some shithead doesnt kill zimbo before he gets punked with the gloves
  2. ^^ "It's not as bad as it looks" lololololol
  3. who said anything about ketchup?? (ran out of mcdonalds ketchup packets last week)
  4. shameful shit bulletpruuf wings last night with the fried rice, with the summer drizzle of tapatio ayyyyyyyy just ate a hot dog on sliced bread also drizzled, whats magnificent FFOODTHREAD
  5. made a habanero hot sauce at home but the peppers were so damn hot it fucking gassed my apartment and i had to clear out for 30, sauce was amazing tho. TAPATIO FRITOS oh shit , those still around??
  6. but but but but but but one thing i hate about the chinese spot, that bright red hot sauce is trash
  7. ^haha say word you ever heard of making hot pockets.....in the fucking oven? it takes like half an hour? my girl is a wild savage
  8. hahaha right? cant look tough in a leather snap back with an emerald green rhinestone bedazzled into your fucking hand
  9. i really wanna go to samarkand, the second largest city in uzbekistan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samarkand a main stopping point of the silk road, place got conquered by hella different nations in its history, so the culture and the people are very diverse and the girls are probably super fine haaaaaanh
  10. she has nice large cheeks she could store food in those cheeks for the long winter
  11. does "EDDO" have some kind of embedded jewel in this hand tattoo?? holy shit that is corny
  12. older the relations were very memorable indeed tpbm has more than 10 hats
  13. every sentence, had a comma girls making pizza, im drinking whiskey 4 relevance:
  14. texas might be fast food capital of these here united states, yall really though, only been once but i was Impressed 64 ounce sodas for ONE DOLLAR at the gas station , gottttdamn
  15. as a general rule i dont fuck with people who are about to hand me food, especially some downtrodden and long suffering fast food restaurant employee
  16. flaming hot cheetos jalapeno flavored anything BUT went to BK yesterday...their dollar menu is nice, hella variations on "Chicken Sandwich" i got the rodeo chicken which was dope and a "Satisfries" which I am unclear - is a regular fries? shouts to INJURY for shaming me into trying bk, shouts to the girl at the counter for being lightweight cute and so so bad at basic math
  17. americans--- afraid of msg but love their doritos
  18. Re: random thoughts best thing about roast chicken might be the smell of it roasting
  19. is that chopped basil on top also? lots of fresh basil on a pizza is never a bad thing cilantro and coriander are the same plant, but cilantro refers to the plant before seeds develop, and coriander refers to either the seeds themselves, or the plant after development strange how different the flavor is between cilantro and ground coriander. they dont sell cilantro is aus? or is it just unloved
  20. Re: random thoughts craving bulletproof wings but i just bought a whole chicken
  21. blended cilantro makes a nice bright green too roast chicken with aji verde (cilantro, garlic, oil, jalapenos, aji pepper all blended) is that peruvian crack chorizo and prawns/shrimp always good, never had seafood on a pizza though
  22. bowman just taking the football, refs missing the call, and that horrible leg injury was so fucked very tough loss
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