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  1. haha thanks for the points. It's no mystery. Lots of people (including myself) travel and paint without a trust fund. Thanks for your more serious advice anyway. To answer your question, I'm not planing to just show up in NY unable to pay more than $1500 rent and without a job. It's obviously not so simple. Without going into too many details I'll be looking to secure a job before I make the move. $1500 monthly rent is just an ideal. New York isn't exactly the best city to save money, but we'd like to save a little anyway. We'll see what's realistic when we get there. But We
  2. As you must have guessed it looks as if I'll be moving to New York next year. I'm mainly looking for advice from locals (or people who know the city well) about good neighbourhoods to consider renting in? Unfortunately we'll be on a budget. So monthly rent would ideally be $1500 USD or less. I'll be moving with my girlfriend, so I'd prefer a neighbourhood where she can walk around by herself without having to be bothered. Also if anyone has advice about the lay of the land there with regard to finding creative work that'd also be useful. I have good entry level skills and experienc
  3. Here's mine www.slikor.com - about art, graffiti and travel.
  4. ^ Great process photo's. Here's a couple quick portraits I painted for practice earlier this year. Untitled (Study 1), 21 x 29.7 cm, Mixed Media on Paper Chanda Mustaq (Study 1), 21 x 29.7 cm, Mixed Media on Paper. If you like you can see more at www.slikor.com.
  5. Mono passed away? I'm very sorry to hear that. If someone gets a chance PM and let me know what happened. Cheers
  6. Nice Dunes flicks, if anyone has any Bake or Borm flicks that'd be great to see.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm an Australian writer currently on a tour around Asia. I'm in Beijing for a few weeks and looking to paint before I go to a few other cities in China. I was wondering if anyone could help me in locating some places to buy spray paint and roll paint? Also if anyone here would like to hook up then send me a PM. I'm more than happy to email you some photo's of my work providing I have some idea of who you are. Cheers
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