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  1. real talk in here good advice morton
  2. some 2bro's pizza spots have $1 fried chicken, rice, beans, fries, etc. lines down the block at lunch time trini paki boys halal cart in midtown has the $1 samosas never seen a $1 taco outside LA fuck with me you know i got it
  3. double cheeseburger is bk? used to love getting spicy wings and 3 crunchy tacos at kfc taco bell. when you can order both from one guy, why do you have to choose between them?
  4. one more question i think about too much favorite dollar menu item of all time, past or present?
  5. mcdonalds and bk always seem to be in close proximity.....i always go to mcdonalds. discuss?
  6. "Not trying to toot my own horn, but" is always followed by some self congratulatory ass shit. So actually, yeah, you Are trying to toot your own horn guy. Just saying. ("Just Saying" is always preceded by varying levels of shit talk and hate that is not meant to be taken too seriously, but is generally accurate.)
  7. mass graff aka Sir Fastfood Drake aka Meal Armstrong circumnavigating the globe one drive thru at a time SALUTE
  8. you are a chef, so i know you love to eat and enjoy food more than most. imagine how fucking annoying and restrictive being diabetic at a young age would be for you, and maybe your career? in a way you are lucky, because your body is actually telling you directly just how irresponsible you are being and what is going to happen if you dont change course. you no longer have the privilege of entertaining the addicts fantasy of 'maybe I will be okay' . heed the flashing lights before you run headfirst into certain disaster. good luck
  9. ^agree 100% when i eat fast food I only get dollar menu shit, always. otherwise its actually not cheap at all? dollar menu is manhattan is all like 1.79 or whatever.................shit is Disgusting
  10. Re: random thoughts bridesmaids was hella funny
  11. no sarcasm , genuinely unsure why i am entertained by this thread. i mean the idea of posting pictures of very generic fast food hamburgers so that they can be discussed, when they are, by definition, the same everywhere is a little absurd yea? $1.00 pizza yes / no ?? i super fucks with it
  12. for some reason i really enjoy this thread where people i dont know post pictures of fast food they are going to eat what is wrong with me
  13. your sandwich game is right. dont know how the fuck you bit into that first one though
  14. i like this cider suggestions for dryer ciders? always prefer alcohol/tartness to sweetness
  15. haha I know ive said it before, but its incredible you can cook plates like that in a kitchen situation like that ^
  16. discovered the dopest bulletproof chinese wings recently....so large, so moist leftover pasta
  17. they are dope af kinda like a regular mcchicken except somewhat spicy
  18. mannnnn yall shoulda came thru I made the trillest ASAP Turkey for Trapsgiving shit was so turnt up tho
  19. huh? like dress for the job you want, not the one you have kinda thing?
  20. let's just say......i consider a bodega sandwich and 99cent flaming hots Eating Out
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