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  1. so this weekend im going to america again, what are some proper good fast food joints in LA?
  2. All my healthcare expenses come from my taxes. I'm in the low income bracket so I dont really pay anything ;) Silly americans
  3. I take quick shits... why the fuck do I need reading material? This ain't the library
  4. hahahaha "go home, yankee hipster"
  5. watching mob week and contemplating about what color of cans to pickup tomorrow
  6. Wiping blood off my face, rubbing the pain away. Hurt life. Also watching this massive thnderstorm slowly creep towards my neighbourhood Random drunk native started fighting me and my friend. He knows boxing so he fucked him up once he got out of dairy queen
  7. This happened yesterday afternoon. In order to get under the bridge you have to navigate through a small vally of thick bush. I had to climb a tree to get by at one point and I ended up slipping off the branch and landing on my funnybone and tailbone. Not only did my lower back scream in pain, my left arm was shaking and was numb. Few weeks ago I was taking a shortcut to the yard and I grabbed on to an electrical fence. Aughh...
  8. sippin on jamacian rum and coke, messing arond with FL studios. my friend should be here soon with the van so we can blaze feels good to have a night off from work
  9. me and my dad sat infront of dennis rodman a few months ago. talked to him abit baby was crying for an entire 4 hour flight thats about it
  10. pretending to work at work time for a lunch break!
  11. relaxing after a long day of work and waiting in traffic... gonna load the bong and watch the thunderstorm get closer
  12. Marz1

    Dear ________,

    dear high school, good riddance -dre
  13. Marz1

    alex jones

    People like Alex Jones got me interested in world affairs, and I have done a lot of research which has led me to do very well in social studies. Definitely boosted my average mark. But sometimes Alex just dosn't make sense. Kill 80% of the worlds population? Unmanned aircrafts spraying poisons across the planet? Illuminati still exists? Yeah, okay there... He is pretty spot on with his guests when he talks about class and economic issues. And to me, the NWO does exist, it's called globalization.
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