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  1. Because he just got done saying that he only drinks 4-5 times a year and that he was on xanax even before he started drinking. People who only drink 4-5 times a year get drunk off a six pack. I too have a hard time picturing somebody who only drinks 4-5 times a year surviving 17 shots of liquor + xanies.
  2. I was supposed to get that CT scan today. I decided it was too expensive and I'll just ride out this medication the doc prescribed me. Seems to be working already. I can always get that CT scan later if it persists after the meds run out.
  3. Cool hand you are one bad motherfucker. You just single-handedly shot down Pizzy's theory on Canada. [ATTACH]159838.vB[/ATTACH]
  4. Yo I just realized that the only two jackasses who came at me about not having insurance come from Canada and Massachusetts. For those who don't know Massachusetts has free healthcare just like Canada. So we have a Canuk and a jackass who lives in a state with free healthcare calling everyone who doesn't have health insurance losers. :lol: Back to Rambo.
  5. And on that note I'm going back to watching Rambo2.
  6. ^Says the jackass who lurked for hours on his fucking phone trying and failing to think of something funny to say. I'm sure the bar you bounce at has sick bene's bro.
  7. This nigga lurked for hours on his fucking SMART PHONE trying to think of some witty shit to say, and STILL failed! :lol: And FYI, all kids have insurance. The Republicans haven't killed Medicaid yet.
  8. You already know. First day of this I made the mistake of buying a Minute Maid Cranapple drink. Looked at the ingredients after I already left the store and opened it and it said like 1% juice. I felt ripped off. Next day we went food shopping and I made it a point to check the ingredients before buying a big ole jug of real cranberry juice.
  9. You were lurking this thread for hours before you posted this and this was all you could come up with in that time? You're slipping.
  10. That's wild. I never had that happen to me in the past. Never even heard of that happening to anyone else. If they try that shit on me I'm gonna fight it due to their kicking me out without even so much as a scan. Non-payment due to non-treatment.
  11. Went to the "cheap" clinic today. It was $60 to get seen, but the CT scan tomorrow is gonna set me back $600. Plus the $40 for the prescriptions for what he thinks it is but isn't even sure until the CT scan tomorrow. Doc thinks it's probably Diverticulitis. Which would be completely unrelated to the drinking but I think I'm gonna chill for a minute anyways.
  12. this is 2 days straight of nothing but water and crandberry juice. And it's only getting worse. Gonna try to hit up some clinic I heard about that's pretty cheap tomorrow. Already called out of work and have no idea when I'm going to be able to go back so I'll probably end up losing my job over this. Least of my worries.
  13. I thought he was joking when he started putting the shit in my IV and said it was morphine. I was like "nah really though, what is it?" he's like "nah really, it's morphine". Then as he was saying that I got hit with a headrush and felt all warm and fuzzy and shit. I think he just did that shit to mellow me out so that I'd just sign the release forms without thinking. Cause if I was in my right mind I would have argued about that "pulled muscle" shit and probably demanded some kind of scan. And Cunt Eastwood might get his wish the way it's feeling right about now.
  14. I don't care what yall say I'm kinda feeling this one.
  15. What results? They checked my piss and blood for signs of kidney stones. I guess if it's not a kidney stone then it's gotta be a pulled muscle, thank you here's some dope to mellow you out and have a nice day.
  16. Oh it's gonna cost me nothing. They knew that from the gate as soon as I told them I didn't have insurance, thats why they rushed me out the door without doing shit.
  17. So after waking up feeling aight, as the day progressed it started up again and got even worse than before. So I said fuck it and went to the ER. All them pussies did was check my piss and blood, then shoot me up with morphine and tell me I'm fine. Tried to tell me that I must have a pulled muscle or some shit like I don't know what a pulled muscle feels like. On the bright side I was in and out in like an hour and a half. I've never had a trip to the ER take any less than 6 hours in my life. Fucking American healthcare system can suck my dick.
  18. This is actually what I said: How much more specific do I need to be for your hooked on phonics needing ass to comprehend?
  19. I actually have two kids and I'm doing just fine. And I've also been sober pretty much every day for that entire decade. I only drink at night, brah. You smoke weed every day?
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