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  1. You know how if you refuse a breathalizer they automatically suspend your license for 6 months, but at least that's better than having a conviction and losing your license for a year or more? Where I'm at they have a new law that says that if you refuse a breathaliser they will strap you down and draw your blood. It's only on weekends and holidays for now, but of course they're just easing everybody in on the idea until it's mandatory all the time.
  2. Not that I doubt this in any way, shape or form. Especially in light of other laws passed recently by the Republican governor of Michigan that straight up give the governor the power to fire Mayors and other locally elected officials, replace them with corporations and basically dissolve towns/cities. But do you have a more legitimate source before I go E-mailing this to people?
  3. Good for him (on the lawsuit). If you fight the dog they charge you with "assault on an officer" as if the dog is an actual cop. Yet when the dog rips half your arm off while you're trying to give up then all of a sudden it goes back to being a dog who doesn't know any better. Talk about a double standard.
  4. Might as well just close the thread now. Nothing will top that video. :yuck:
  5. It tastes like shitty cheap beer. Because that's exactly what it is. Don't get me wrong I'm all about cheap beer, but there's much better and cheaper beer out there that doesn't taste like you're drinking it out of a dirty ashtray.
  6. [ATTACH]159436.vB[/ATTACH] What does it say about your country when the cops have to wear masks to disguise their identity. Like a fucking bank robber. And how long till you think American cops are gonna be rockin these Bank Robber masks when they pull your grandmother over for some traffic shit? I give it a couple years.
  7. Probably wanted to be surrounded by his peers.
  8. My dick looks like that in the in between stages. Like right after busting a nut, or when you're fucking and then have to stop because your girls mom is knocking on the bedroom door to see what's going on in there and so you have to hide in the closet for a minute. You really think any self respecting man is going to take a pic of his fully flacid dick? (nh)
  9. I'ma keep it 100 with you. I read the first half expecting to shit all over you and your "shamefull, awfull sex stories" Then lay into how pussy you young kids are. But then I read the rest and it literally turned my stomach. You's a foul motherfucker. You go ahead and decide for yourself whether that's a win or a lose. :yuck:
  10. You got me, brah. I'm not really DAO. Thought I could get one over on you but you're too quick.
  11. You're the one getting U-mad, lil homie. Now go wipe that foam from the side of your mouth.
  12. I don't huff computer duster on a regular basis. In fact, I only did that twice in my life and both times were for the sake of ch0/tinychat LOL's. You DO however ingest dope on a daily basis. You're a junkie who is U-mad at me for telling it to you straight that you're a fucking dope fiend. And your only response is to try and twist it around on me for taking a rip from an airduster on TC??? Totally ignoring the fact that every single time that you're on camera on there you're constantly nodding the fuck off (sometimes even mid-sentence) from the dope that you bang into your veins multiple times a day. And you're seriously going to clown me for taking a rip off an airduster? For real?
  13. Or "equal rights means equal lefts". ^I fucking love that saying.
  14. You seem to be the only one on here under the delusion that I'm somehow lurking on the low. Welcome to the party, there might be a charred as fuck chicken leg and a couple nachos left somewhere. The keg has been kicked for mad long though. Did you BYOB?
  15. It's already been done by multiple people on here. Oh wait... you meant the dude in the "DAO" pics? Now THAT would be funny.
  16. what it iz


    ^Peep the Po-Po lurking in the background. Never noticed that before.
  17. You sound like a faggot for feeling bad about it. That's the only thing you should be ashamed of. And you should definitely be ashamed of that.
  18. I for one am glad to see Gucci back. Even if he is rock bottom begging for dope funds LOL!
  19. what it iz


    Without a detailed explanation as to why, I will continue using shit that has the ADA seal of approval.
  20. More skate contest chaos from back in the day LMAO!
  21. I'm just wondering what her father thinks when he's driving home from work and sees that some graffiti derelict spraypainted his little precious face on the side of the local Habib.
  22. I saw it playing in a skateshop yesterday when I was hooking up a new board. It looked like a typical Real video. Busenitz is fucking dope.
  23. Maybe I'm an asshole, but I miss the days when this was the usual outcome of a lot of skateboarders getting together in one spot for a contest/jam/whatever.
  24. That would probably be because it's already been posted. I even wanna say there was a thread made for it.
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