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  1. ^You see the fail/quality of his comebacks when pressed? (In before the edit too) :lol:
  2. For the record, this nigga who claims to be forever logged onto this thread due to his internet phone was not logged onto this thread a few minutes ago. Now he is. Lets see how long it takes him to come up with a comeback. Again.
  3. Keep lying. I'm pretty sure it was COS who put you on blast years ago about where your name comes from, but it might have been somebody else. And seriously... nobody who's not a dungeons and dragons playing DORK whould know what the fuck a level75paladin is without being told or at least googling it. You're a dungeons and dragons playing dork.
  4. Calling me dumb does nothing at all to take away from the fact that you leave your internet phone set to the same thread for days at a time. Nor does it take away from the fact that You're a fucking dork who plays the video game version of Dungeons and Dragons. You should seriously ask your school for a refund because them psychology classes are definitley not paying off. If I was your parents, I'd be fucking pissed.
  5. I had no idea WTF a "WoW" or a "level75Paladin" was until somebody else on here put him on blast for his screen name years ago. I'm sure if I googled level75paladin I could have found out for myself though. To this day the only thing I know about "WoW" is that it's an online version of Dungeons and Dragons. And dudes who play Dungeons and Dragons are fucking dweebs. So therefore anybody who playes "WoW" is a fucking dweeb.
  6. No need, clicking the red box with a white X at the upper right corner of my screen does all that for me.
  7. And flat rates and whatever aside, what does it say about a guy who's phone is constantly logged on to one thread in one website for hours and days at a time? I would imagine that a normal person would turn the fucking internet off at some point. Or at least if you're going to leave it on that whole time, look at other threads and websites. Call me crazy.
  8. Speak for yourself, dungeons and dragons ass nigga. That comment was in regards to a video that wouldn't play right for me and some other dude on a completely unrelated thread. It played right after turning off the HD. I'm sure this is LOL's to your Level75 World of Warcraft nerd ass, but not everybody on here is a fucking geek.
  9. Whatever you say, World of Warcraft playing ass nigga.
  10. Yeah, cause I'm sure you leave your "smart phone" logged onto one thread in 12oz for hours and days at a time. Your phone bill must be as retarded as you. :lol:
  11. You clearly wear tight pants because you definitely have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Plus I seen you on tinychat and can vouch that you do in fact wear tight pants and have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
  12. Went to the ER and they shot me up with morphine and told me I must have pulled a muscle after i told them I didn't have insurance. I know WTF a pulled muscle feels like so I went to a clinic for a second opinion. Doctor at the clinic thinks it might be Diverticulitis and prescribed some pills and gave me a phone number to get a $600 scan to be sure. Pills started working pretty good so I flaked on the $600 scan. American healrthcare system can eat a dick. Then Level75paladin lurked this thread for hours (on his phone) trying to think of some witty shit to say, and failed. Then after getting put in his place he tried and failed to say some more witty shit. Then I put him on blast for having a screen name that references world of warcraft. He was lurking on this thread when I did this. Then it took him days to come back with a reply. And his reply was a nonsensical photo of some little kids crying. I don't understand nerd language, but I think that translates to him admitting failure.
  13. LMFAO @ the thought of some dumb redneck white trash bitch from Missouri flying out to England thinking she's somehow going to sneak into this wedding that absolutely nobody from Missouri would ever be invited to. :lol:
  14. Do real people really give a shit about this?
  15. And SMH at all the people cosigning stock tips in here like it's cool to write with them. I mean, I've used them when I had to but C'mon son. Who the fuck willingly uses stock tips for anything other than a shell.
  16. Did you just say that the shit they play on the radio today is the same as the shit that was out in the 90's? Did you seriously just say that Drake is the same shit as Biggie, Pun and Wu-tang?
  17. Not only that, if you're a 18, 19 or 20 year old dude it's human nature to still be fucking 16 and 17 year olds chicks. Just like it's human nature for 16-17 year old chicks to be fucking 19-20 year old dudes. That shit's just normal. Highschool bitches was a sport in my day.
  18. From what I understand she was already messed up.
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