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  1. Those new Rusto female stock tips actually aren't too bad if that's what you're stuck with.
  2. Nigga you live in Canada. The fuck would you know, you's are born with insurance.
  3. Reading comprehension. Get on it. C'mon, son.
  4. So after writhing in pain all night to the point where I remember looking at the clock at 8:46 this morning and deciding that I was going to go to the ER later, I eventually woke up around 2:30 or so and feel a lot better. I still feel a little something in that area but I wouldn't describe it as pain. Maybe I won't drink tonight.
  5. I don't know which is worse. The spastic way dude in the first video is throwing his arms around while rapping, the canadian break dancer looking like a stereotypical whiteboy trying to dance... or the hoards of non-graffiti writing tight pants wearing cornballs in here pretending to be embarrassed for graffiti.
  6. Whatever you say, stalker boy. Somebody should track down the real James Ciallela and send him a link to those youtubes. Or a link to Ch0.
  7. That frontside grind to carve back up the same tranny on the mini ramp like he's surfing a wave is the only thing that I ever remembered from that whole video. It's also probably the illest thing I've ever seen done on a miniramp.
  8. A 12 pack is a light night for me. FUCK!!!
  9. I've been drinking every night for over a decade with the only real break being due to a month spent in jail. You might be on to something.
  10. Does anybody ever tell you that you have entirely too much time on your hands? I mean at first it was funny. Now it's just creepy. I mean look at the amount of work you put into this shit. You have a serious man-crush.
  11. Nothing that you said makes any sense, especially to anybody who read a single post of mine in this thread.
  12. I actually do drink a good amount of water every day. Maybe I'll drink some more and see what happens. And I'll get some cranberry juice tomorrow.
  13. My grandparents used to say it all the time. It's an old and common saying. I didn't bother reading the youtube comments.
  14. Texas. Republicans. No commie pinko free clinics. You definitely might be on to something with that last sentence though.
  15. According to that diagram it's one of my intestines. Maybe it is that tough ass lamb chop refusing to digest.
  16. I did eat some tough ass lamb chops the other night. Maybe they're stuck and wont digest?
  17. Definitely different than gas pains. It's steady and more dull of a pain. And whatever it is hurts more when I walk due to the bouncing motion. (And I don't eat cheese wiz my dude.)
  18. Maybe I should check the medicine cabinet for some Midol.
  19. It actually hurt a little last night until I started drinking. Then it went away. It's worse tonight though and drinking ain't helping this time.
  20. Definitely different from a cramp or pulled muscle.
  21. I thought the kidneys were in the back? This is on the side. Does anybody know what organ is on the left side between the rib cage and hip?
  22. My left side between my rib cage and my hip is in pain like something's wrong with my insides. Especially when I walk. And since I don't have insurance, I figured instead of going to see a doctor I'd just make a thread to shoot the shit with yall about it until either it stops or I die. Let the commencements commence.
  23. Some chick on here said something about fingerbanging her dude to make him nut harder. Somebody said that makes dude a homo. I said it doesn't because technically it's a chicks finger in his ass. And nobody said that dogs evolved from whales you fucking retard.
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