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  1. The fuck were they supposed to do, turn themselves in along with their dead homie? I'm sure dude knew the deal before they went in, and I'm sure he would've done the same if it were one of the others. You ever hear the term "no use crying over spilled milk"?
  2. As much as I'm siding with the security guard on this, isn't it illegal to shoot someone in the back while they're fleeing in most states? Especially when the security guard was the first one firing shots? Actually, if you watch that video it looks like he was the only one firing shots. Yes I read the print, and no I don't see anybody other than the security guard busting shots. Like I said I'm on his side on this, I'm just saying though.
  3. You fail to realize that you buy those phones and re-fill cards anonymously. It's not about a fake name, there is no name involved. The cashier at Target or Walmart sure as hell aint asking for your name. The phone automatically comes with it's own sim card and phone number. They don't know who buys the phone or the refill card. (assuming you don't pay with your fucking credit card)
  4. Your New England accent is also invalid. Yall don't know how to pronounce shit.
  5. Assuming they know your phone number. [ATTACH]159527.vB[/ATTACH] + [ATTACH]159528.vB[/ATTACH]
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul666Caz9AE
  7. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/03/4/l_034_05.html
  8. I said that it's not homo. That doesn't mean that I take fingers in my ass. It means that you're not a homo for taking a chicks finger in your ass. And WTF would you call a "dog like animal" if you saw it in the street? You'd call it a fucking dog. Your semantics fail you. Thread jack commence:
  9. Sorry to disappoint yall, but my wife doesn't fingerbang my asshole. I'm sure she would if I was into it, but that's not my thing. That's actually a myth propagated by 12oz. Kinda like the myth that I said that dogs are whales when in fact what I said was that whales evolved from dog like animals. Which is a scientific fact BTW. A fact that my generation learned in middle school. Google it. (This thread is now about whaledog anal fingerbanging.)
  10. ^This is the part that pisses me off the most. I love it how these same exact right wing assholes who were downplaying this type of shit during the Bush years, shitting all over people like Micheal Moore and calling everybody a conspiracy theorist, are all of a sudden hopping on the conspiracy wagon and and "informing the public" of some of what goes on now that it's a black president. Trying to play like it's some new shit. Next thing you know they're gonna be saying that the Democrats led by a Illinois senator named Obama knocked down the World Trade towers.
  11. Even if you had gave her drugs they would still have to prove that you gave them to her. And if she was ODing, then I'm sure she's got enough dirt in her crib/history to show that it had nothing to do with you. I would have automatically assumed the bitch was having a seizure and called for a fucking ambulance. The fact that the first thing that popped into your head was "how the fuck do I cover my tracks" while leaving the bitch for dead makes you a much more rare form of asshole than I. And I'm a fucking asshole.
  12. I just log in at the top of the page and it works fine. Apparently since whatever upgrades it won't let you log in by trying to reply to a post. Skip all the nerd shit and just log in at the top of the page.
  13. How is this a secret? Anything with a GPS in it keeps track of where you go. Don't waste your money on technology that is designed to keep tabs on you for big brother. Problem solved.
  14. <www.12ozprophet.com> You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to CannahMontana again.
  15. Exactly... you're fucking a foreigner. Your accent is invalid. They're both pronounced "Air-in".
  16. ^Her nick-name shall be Peggy. Whether she likes it or not.
  17. ^Instead of calling you an idiot, I'll just leave this here. http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/District-Attorney-expands-no-refusal-weekends-927225.php http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/New-Braunfels-announces-no-refusal-weekend-829608.php http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/article/Impactof-norefusal-studied-929526.php
  18. I remember back in the 90's my boy had this old 70's porn that he stole from his dad or some shit and he used to have it playing all random on his VHS every other time we came over his apartment. It was one of those story line plot flicks. It was about a family that was all fucking eachother on the low. The daughter would fuck the brother, then the brother would fuck the mother, then the daughter would fuck the father. And it was all on the low where none of the family members knew what the others were up to and thought that whatever they were doing with whoever was the only shit going on in that house. 70's porn was some wild ass shit. Props to whoever can find that flick that I was just talking about.
  19. The fuck? :confused: Maybe in North Carolina, but everywhere else it's pronounced the same.
  20. Tell me that nigga in the middle don't look like a fucking Chester. Why the fuck is he gripping them so hard? Nigga looks like he's sprung or some shit too imagining he's in a 3way. WTF??? NH
  21. I can honestly say that I've never been in question as to what to do in any city that I've ever been to. I've always made it a point to get in more of what I usually do at home in whatever short period of time that I'm in said city. I've also never known what to make of people who make threads on here asking this stupid ass question.
  22. I always thought that was the more normal spelling for that name. I always lumped people who spell it with an A in the same heap as Genifers.
  23. Looked like a bunch of links to hipster music videos. I didn't even bother.
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