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  1. So then why does everybody else spell it with an O? And why has it never been seen spelled with a U? Are you seriously trying to say that Fox News of all people know better how to spell that faggots name, and that they waited until he was dead to actually spell it the "right" way"? C'mon son.
  2. ^This fucking idiot will probably get his house raided within the hour.
  3. He would still have the same face though. Or at least the same nose. He got shot in the forehead, not the nose.
  4. Please tell me that's not the official picture because that is clearly not Bin Laden.
  5. Anybody else see the irony in the fact that most the people who say shit like this live in states that were not even in existence in 1776 and therefore were not a part of the original 13 colonies?
  6. LMAO @ Fox News spelling fail. :lol: And holly shit somebody in that crowd looks like 12oz's Silent Bob. /nosnitch.
  7. Are you saying And Justice for All was wack? :confused: I usually cringe when people include the black album as being one of their good albums.
  8. Do they kick it with Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy?
  9. When you turn off your TV, are you turning off the cable connection?
  10. "Hey Level75, did you remember to close the browser on the oven at the Lamba Lamba house?" "Why yes Theo I did, did you remember to power down the lights?" [ATTACH]159948.vB[/ATTACH]
  11. ^Says the dipshit who "closes his TV browser". Do you also "close the browser" on your lights when you leave the house, or do you leave them open so burglars think you're home?
  12. I see what you're trying to do there.
  13. When you turn off your TV, do you unplug it from the wall? Do you go outside and disconnect the cable? No, you just hit the on and off button. Red box with white X = on and off button. Quantum physics. This is not it.
  14. Anybody who's not a mouth breathing fucking doofus would have no problem understanding that "turn off the internet" means clicking on the red box with the white X in it. When you do that, you're no longer on the internet. Rocket science.
  15. And on that note, I'm going to bed. Notice how my name will not be on again off again at the bottom of the screen until sometime tomorrow.
  16. Everytime I leave the internet, I have to log back on when I come back to 12oz. If you're automatically logged on at all times then you're probably doing something wrong. Because I'm not doing anything at all and every time I get on 12oz I have to log in to post. And I never actually log out, I just turn the internet off.
  17. Everybody look, he's mysteriously logged out of this thread again!!!
  18. God forbid your mouth breathing ass gets payed to "educate" anybody. This nigga talking bout he put his phone in his pocket while it was logged onto the internet for days at a time. :lol: How does that even work? Can you lock your keys while the internet's on? I'm surprized this nigga didn't make mad posts of qewhbpayiaigfqbpffIBTGtBaqpiwu4b[Y4BAYGBAB4273632467324QGFAYIFGFAF during his hours and days of being logged onto this thread. :lol:
  19. Come on dweeb, say something witty. You know you want to.
  20. Everybody look!!! He's logged out again!!! So much for that perma-logged into thread smart phone theory. :biglaugh:
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