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  1. Re: Fruit Gushers Review And here I thought it was Theo who started that.
  2. ^WTF??? And were the other dudes who got killed not writers?
  3. You can get 25 years in America too depending on the circumstances. Like if it's just some drug dealer rivalry or gang shit or maybe somebody fucked your wife so you killed him. But this nut would get put down like a rabid dog. Somehow I doubt that even Canada will let this dude walk ever.
  4. Also, I wouldn't call a career soldier a "wolf in sheeps clothing". Killing is his profession. Not to say that all soldiers are criminally insane psycho's, but a "wolf in sheeps clothing" would be more apt if this dude was a priest or a EMT.
  5. It's called the electric chair.
  6. And by the looks of that water, that must be near a heavily populated part of said third world country. I predict bad things for people flocking to surf there.
  7. http://animalnewyork.com/2009/12/texas-graffiti-writer-gets-8-years-of-prison-without-parole/
  8. Without making too much noise you could etch (not your tag) the windows, dump bucket paint all over the car and then slash the tires. I only recommend doing this to somebody who really has it coming though. I may or may not be speaking from experience here, but the yuppie who may or may not have brought this rath upon his expensive European car definitely may or may not have brought it on himself.
  9. Like I said, you were doing it wrong.
  10. Austin is the complete opposite of a dude-bro town. Infact, last time I was there I remember commenting that I hadn't seen one person all day who wasn't either a hipster or a 45 year old punk rock. Maybe it depends on what side of town you're in, but if your impression of Austin was that it's a bro-dude jock town then you were doing it wrong.
  11. I was actually thinking the same. I was gonna comment on that but didn't for whatever reason.
  12. When I said they banned it, I was talking about the use of it by cops. That's why YOU don't carry the original Mace. Cop guy dude bro.
  13. So a teacher can't even tell a kid to shut up, but it's cool to bring mace happy cops into the mix? And I thought the school systems had some backwards ass priorities when I was a kid. Next thing you know an 8 year old is gonna get tazed or shot just cause some faggot ass teacher called the cops over a temper tantrum. Fuck it, just bring back the paddle and keep the cops out of the elementary schools.
  14. So then she's a busy-body snitch who got what she deserved for being a busy-body snitch. Karma was just teaching her a lesson about being a busy-body snitch. Busy-body snitch.
  15. The more I look at her the more I think she had a botched nose job. She was probably semi cute at one point until she got insecure about her nose and had it Micheal Jacksoned. Real talk, Micheal Jackson nose is worse than a Jew snowser. I can actually deal with a Jew snowser if it's not too outrageous, but a fake nose is worse than the most botched fake tits. That said I've never had a chick gag-throat my cock like they do in porns these days, and would definitely let her gag on my cock while making strange noises.
  16. Pepper spray was put out by Mace. The original formula that "Mace" brand put out was eventually banned because some people had allergic reactions and died. So then "Mace" put out a different formula known today as pepper spray. That's why Pepper spray (no matter what brand) is called Mace. Guy.
  17. That's what they all say. I wasn't raised to write on walls. My 4 year old isn't being raised to talk back to his mom when she tells him to clean up his toys. For all we know this 8 year olds parents are at their wits end with the kid, but either way that doesn't condone a fucking grown ass man spraying an 8 year old with mace. In a school setting none the less. What the fuck ever happened to just dragging the kid to the principals office and calling the parents? Shit, parents all have fucking cell phones these days. And if you really think that a cop has to mace a fucking 8 year old "to subdue him" then you're just as much of a faggot as the teachers who were "hiding in the closet" and called the cops on said 8 year old.
  18. Too young for serious ass whoopings, but he catches spankings now and then.
  19. Says the dude with a homo-dungeon in his basement.
  20. You fail to realize that there's a huge difference between beating your kids ass every now and then to keep them in line, and a total stranger spraying them in the face with mace. If the thought of a stranger spraying your 8 year old in the face with mace doesn't fill you with rage then there's something wrong with you. Don't breed.
  21. What kind of filthy dirt-ball sits on a WALMART toilet without thoroughly wiping the seat down first? I mean, he didn't even at least look at the seat before sitting on it? He got what he deserves for being a filthy dirt-ball.
  22. ^This nigga just mad that his sperm don't work and he'll never have kids himself.
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