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  1. ^I stay reading a few pages then giving up. Channel Zero aint what it used to be. And the fact that some people seem to think this thread is epic enough to read through every single repetitive page just goes to show exactly that.
  2. How's about this this, can we get you on cam being maced by police grade pepper spray? Better yet, do you have kids? Can we get video of you macing them with police grade pepper spray next time one of them acts up? Oh wait... you'd get locket the fuck up for aggravated child battery and stripped of your parental rights if you did that. It's only okay if somebody else does that to your kid as long as they have a badge. Kinda like how it's only ok for cops to punch your grandmother in the face for not signing a ticket. Actually no, it's exactly like that. Right?
  3. Do you seriously not see the huge difference between a parent spanking their own kid, and a cop macing somebody's 8 year old for shit that should have got him sent to the principals office and a phone call to said parents? For real?
  4. You're from fucking Virginia you nut. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/search.php?searchid=3965625
  5. He's probably going to make it happen when he sees you. Or not, who knows?
  6. I never realized that he was flying up the piss stream of a giant cock&balls until you posted this. Seriously... peep 0:05. NH
  7. ^When the teacher retreats to hide in a closet from said 8 year old. Who the fuck is scared of an 8 year old? This is what happens when laws are so stringent that only scared little bitches are allowed to be teachers. These faggots are too scared to even yell at kids when they act up so they retreat to closets and call in the fucking cops instead.
  8. I would have just grabbed the stick out his 8 year old hands, picked him up and carried him to the principles office, made it a point to be the one who opens the door to said closet so that I could tell them scared faggots what scared faggot fucking pussies they are and how they don't deserve the 48k they make off the state.... and then I might have just left it at that. But then I would never lower myself to be a cop in the first place so that's really just all hypothetical.
  9. ^Is that how your teachers handled you and your peers everytime you did something idiotic and annoying? Maybe you should just find another line of work.
  10. And cause they're family men with families and shit. They probably peperspray, taze and beat their kids with billy clubs on a daily basis. Because they're normal people who have families too. Please support your local FOP.
  11. When I was that age, I got sent to the principles office and paddled often. And that was in public school before paddling got banned. But at least they didn't bring the fucking cops into the shit whenever I talked back to a teacher and/or told them to go fuck themselves. And back then (when we were this kids age) we walked to school ourselves, walked home ourselves, let ourselves in with our own key, and watched whatever skinemax we wanted to up until our parents came home which was usually around 6 or later. We also had BB gun wars and lit shit on fire when we were that age. And then our parents beat our asses when they caught us doing that shit. And RARELY did we ever even have contact with the police. Food for thought for you 2011 tight pants wearing faggots who condone this shit happening to your kids.
  12. God help me if this happens to one of my kids. God help me even more if I don't murder the pig who does harm to either one of my kids.
  13. And fifthly: everything "rap/hiphop" related that has gotten any shine since their passing has been on par with slave ship hyms about gold chains, rims and other shit that generates revenue for rich people. Look at these terrible fucking morons who are practically force fed record deals these days? Fuck a conspiracy theory, facts are facts.
  14. Am I doing it wrong, or do I see that they basically just didn't even bother with the shit? And if they weren't interested in bothering with the shit, then why have a file to begin with? I have my own theories on the matter, but I really would rather hear other people say it first. I didn't grow up reading FBI files, so forgive me if I'm doing it wrong.
  15. ^Does anybody even take this cheerleader seriously? I mean come on dawgs... you sound like a fucking 14 year old. First you was riding Boners dick crazy hard, then you bounce around and rant on other niggas but the only thing that is apparent from any of your rantings is that you really don't know jack shit what the fuck you're talking about. You're a fucking troll. Go play some video games cause you've already played yourself on here.
  16. I think I might have gave up reading through this thread. I'll probably just skip the shit I didn't read between that and this page. Somebody PM me any epic posts that I might have missed in between if it's that important.
  17. Her friend driving looks like a fucking dude!!! :huh2:
  18. Actually !@#$% beat you to it, and I did it better than both of yous. You're just a middle child as usual. You mad?
  19. Fuck I'm gonna have a lot of reading to do later tonight. LMAO!
  20. So you haven't seen a stoner chick in over 20 years? :confused:
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