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  1. a 27in monitor is very large, tho it may look cool I just dont see it as very practical while working on a project. A 20.5in is more than enough.
  2. You ever seen those misting systems people put out on restaurant patios in hot climates? Well the process is kind of like that except pressurized, super pressurized to be exact. On any given moment while in flight an airplane can use up to 20 gallons of water per minute which all ends up in the septic tank, unfortunately the septic tank can only hold about a 20th of the total water supply for a flight. Therefore it has to release water so It doesnt completely fill and it does this with high pressure because of the shit and stuff from the toilets and sinks. I guess the pressurization is supposed to sanitize the fecal matter and what not in result it leaves those "chem" trails you see in the skies..
  3. I downloaded the album with the streets are ours (or whatever it is called) song on it hoping some of the million people to download the movie after watching the academy awards will hear that song and want to download it also, so far no luck Ive only uploaded under 5mb in a couple days. :(
  4. I cant imagine how this would look, I havent seen anything in 3D since Captain Eo at Disney Land.
  5. ^nice I saw this in the comments, thought it was funny. if you dont know who Robin Gunningham is use the google search button.
  6. I waiting for Another Bad Creation to get back together for me to go back to pg...
  7. entertainment... it has it. Vegetables. Sorry, green decorative bullshit!
  8. I downloaded exit through the gift shop a few days ago just to seed it... My demonoid ratio has made a killing since. Ive uploaded over 30gb from this alone. Now I need my what.cd ratio up again. /rationerdoner
  9. I just came across these.. Im not sure if Im gonna keep it. h0w yEw MaEk kR1nK De5kt0p?
  10. Whats next rap letter braille?
  11. I was expecting to see someone hangin around in a monkey mask... didnt happen.
  12. http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/the-ghosts-of-world-war-iis This last one is one of my favorites.
  13. Most of my work is devoted to the period of World War II. The most powerful impression on me personally produces a series of photos about the siege of Leningrad, this is my hometown. In addition, here you will find the defense of Moscow, the liberation of Prague and Vienna, the storming of Berlin, some pages from the life of Paris. D-day collages will be ready soon. Some pages of my journal will bring you to the streets of the capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg. Wherever I go, I'm trying to penetrate the layers of time. It does not always do well, but I try. -Sergey Larenkov. http://sergey-larenkov.livejournal.com/ Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov is a master of a technique called, alternatively, perspective-matching photography or the fancier computational rephotography, which consists of precisely matching the points-of-view of vintage and modern photographs and exploring what happens where they merge. Since last year, Larenkov has been assembling a series of such photos on World War II: As the photo above shows, the point of combination can be quite haunting. Some Photoshop whizzes have criticized Larenkov’s work on the grounds that the mergers are too jarring in their contrasts and could be executed with greater smoothness on his part, but, in the absence of an explanation of his work, I think that’s kind of the point: It clearly takes a great deal of patience and technical aptitude to create these photos, and the harshness of imposing war and its devastation on pristine modern European cities works better when it’s not too slick. http://www.geekosystem.com/world-war-ii-modern-photos-sergey-larenkov/
  14. You still can, boost and virgin can be anon, places like walgreens, cvs or 7-11 sell others as well. Actually, now that I think about it you can pick up one of these almost anywhere these days. **Virgin mobile has the the cheapest plans.
  15. that was me. ya its "stupid" I guess but for the sake of mashing around pounds of raw beef it is by far the safest way to handle said food especially potentially dangerous foods. I cooked in some states where the counties make it mandatory to wear gloves at all times while in the kitchen, now that is fucking stupid.
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