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  1. If it ain't Dysykk, then it's still not good. Please take it to the toy thread.
  2. How has he gotten WORSE since the last time he squirmed into this place?
  3. One of your best sketches, Elbow!
  4. God damn I love this shit. Hit me up.
  5. I appreciate it and maybe down the line but for right now lately my output has been more scattered so I have had to cut back my participation in a lot.
  6. This is not graffiti but may be suiting your interests (I hope). I fancy myself a turntablist sometimes and this is another in the continuing string of continuous music mixes I made: http://www.bangyard.com/music/Satire - Cannibal Simulcast 6.mp3
  7. Not sure what the word would be so I hope this makes sense but I LOVE the "diversity" of this piece.
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