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  1. People don't think your shit sucks BECAUSE of your attitude and lameass attempts to trick us with multiple accounts. People think your shit sucks. AND we also think you are annoying. And you do not seem to have any real interest in getting better. Instead, you keep hoping people will be tricked into thinking your shitty stuff is not shit if you just sneak in the right way. It's fucking pathetic and we are so god damn tired of you. If you really want to win people over to liking your shit, practice for years and post in the toy section and take criticism and learn from it. Or keep getting banned and never getting better and feed your psychosis and eventually snap and become a homeless man walking down the street muttering about how the people online are so mean to you. I no longer give a shit what happens to you. I'm just fucking sick of seeing your bullshit in here and the stupid, obvious, childish games you play.
  2. You could go to the toy section , get advice and actually improve yourself, Dysykk. That advice is not going to stop no matter how many fake accounts you make.
  3. Playing card project continues...
  4. My previous reply was addressed to Dyskk who returned with yet ANOTHER account. And he said he would "name" posters to this forum, (whatever that means) and would keep making new accounts and... Fuck, am I tired of this kid.
  5. What the hell is wrong with you? Have you talked to a psychologist? Name how, exactly? Thing is, you can make all the profiles you want and sneak back here however you like. It will not hide the fact that your work sucks. I don't feel better saying that. When you first showed up, I hoped you would follow the same path everyone else does. The same path I followed. You get critiques in the toy section. But nope. You are a sociopath and this game is not for you. Your fake, silly internet beef is not helping your sketches get any better. You burnt all your bridges. Nobody cares. We all just want you gone. Fuck off. You are not even a toy. You are a sad, pathetic wannabe who will NEVER get any better.
  6. Relatively certain this is also Dysykk.
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