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  1. I will do some this year. Bought the paint and everything. Got a show coming up and will be doing a piece with the crew to promote that plus going to do a big piece on plywood to sell at the show too.
  2. Thanks man! I still intend to go to Paint Louis 2020 for the first time and hope to get up. Mone? You still on the boards? Get at me...
  3. You should see when a fucking disease makes it almost impossible for you to paint. Fuck Multiple Sclerosis. I would not wish this shit upon my worst enemy.
  4. Holy shit you'se guys! I have spent years honing style and practicing refining to build my skills when all this time I could have been paying hundreds of bucks to this guy to jack graffiticreator.com and random characters from the web or even better, get some of his own original toy ass shitty stuff for me! Seriously, we all need to stop what we are doing and just hire this dude. He is fucking def. It's the freshest, mother fuckerzzzzzz! For realz! If you are frontin' on his steez, check yosef befoe ya wrek yasef cuz it sez rite in his opening paragraph that he is a " professional graffiti artist ." So step the fuck off his dick, and let the pro's steal from graffiticreator and you only pay him $250. Sounds like a deal to me! I included the first example from his site becuz you just HAVE to see how god damn fresh as fuck it is to steal DIRECTLY from graffiticreator.com with no trace of attribution. Just... the freshest. https://customgraffiti.net/
  5. My entry in the Bombing Science "Summer Vibes" battle...
  6. I don't usually share work from my crew mates but this digital piece by my fellow GFS Crew-mate Diablo floored me.
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