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  1. go exchange my new camera but it is snowing out and i'll have to ride the bus over 1hour each way to do so.... so, I think I would rather be hanging out indoors watchin tv wheres its warm.
  2. got up and made me a decent breakfast for the first time in a while
  3. I recently swooped me one of these to use as a pocket camera. I got it for $130 at best buy it was on sale from $200. Product Features * 14.2 megapixels for stunning prints as large as 20 x 30 inches * 7x wide-angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens; 2.7-inch Clear Color Display * 720p HD movie recording at 30fps; HDMI output * 4-way VR Image Stabilization System; Smart Portrait System * Advanced Flash Control; EXPEED Image Processing Technical Details * Brand Name: Nikon * Model: S6000 * Optical Sensor Resolution: 14.2 MP * Optical Sensor Technology: CCD * Optical zoom: 7 x * Maximum Aperture Range: F/3.7-5.6 * Minimum focal length: 5 millimeters * Maximum focal length: 35 millimeters * Lens Type: Zoom lens * Included Flash Type: built in flash * Display Size: 2.700 inches * Light Sensitivity: ISO 100, ISO 800, ISO 400, ISO 200, ISO auto (100-400), ISauto(100-800),ISO .......auto (100-1600), ISO 1600, ISO 3200 * Image types: JPEG * Shooting Modes: Frame movie mode * Viewfinder Type: None * Width: 2.2 inches * Height: 1.0 inches * Weight: 0.34 pounds http://www.nikonusa.com/Nikon-Products/Product/Compact-Digital-Cameras/26213/COOLPIX-S6000.html I desperately needed a new point and shoot my 5 year old 6.1mp non image stabilized pocket was no longer cutting it, actually it never really did. This cam is awesome for what I paid and I really like the wide angle lens on it I can get shots that I could never do with a point and shoot. I recommend buying one of these to anyone currently in the market.
  4. I grew up in the south and would visit Mexico somewhat often and I will say your spot is a lot cleaner and more trustworthy than most places Ive seen down there. Dont get me wrong Im not trying to be a dick I'm just a fucking nazi about cross contamination. ...but the grill handle, turner,bun, lettuce, tomato and everything else he touched in his work station doesn't get cooked. Whatevs tho, GBM says he fixed shit and really all he wasn't doing was wearing gloves or washing his hands directly after touching the raw meat, easy fix.
  5. I would like to be in the middle of fucking nowhere on a cross country road trip... Ideally, if it wasn't so fucking cold out I'd be out taking photos of random late night shenanigans.
  6. From watching the vid its obvious GBM does not give a shit about cross contamination (they were many more contamination situations other than the salt), fuck it though he doing his thang and he south of the border so I guess it really doesnt matter. props sir GBM
  7. This double exposure self portrait of hers is rad, look how the composition goes perfectly with her body and legs. I could be wrong but since dude only scored her neg's I believe she had to of done this in camera.
  8. Yes you can, put them on a portable drive and bring it to the front counter at kinkos and have them print it out for you that way you dont have to pay like 50cent a copy plus time on the computers. Its a fucking steal especially if you got a ton of black to print.
  9. Im gonna pickle red onion tomorrow, I'll fiill you in on how it goes. I used to have to julienne about 30 pounds of yellow onion daily, at first it kind of sucked but I got used to it within a couple days.
  10. Here's a great print out on Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts.
  11. news links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=085EaqNJOkQ&feature=player_embedded#at=24 http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/26934734/detail.html http://interceder.net/list/worcester-police
  12. I searched like a muthafuck and cant find this dudes mugshot or anything official to do with his arrest.... anybody wanna try? http://www.worldgonemad.tv/2011/02/this-is-why-the-n-word-is-still-around/ According to the story, Easton Byfield, 35, is/was a bouncer at the Plantinum Premier Gentlemens Club (titty bar) in Worcester, MA. So Byfield suspects this kid of selling drugs in his club and instead of calling police, he takes the kid into the bathroom for a personal question and answering session. For the record, the police called it kidnapping. As a note, this all happened last May, 2010 but just came out recently when the video made it’s way to YouTube. And yes we know about it, because the dumbass (Byfield) had his buddy film him assaulting and robbing someone. So during this illegal interrogation he makes this kid empty his pockets and accuses him of selling drugs in his club. The kid totally denies it and there’s no drugs to be seen on the sink where he dumped the pocket contents. Not being happy with that outcome, Byfield, then proceeds to go through this kids cell phone log and even makes a call to the last number dialed. The kid tries to protest but is shut down. Then out of nowhere this crazy asshole, Byfield, punches the kid in the face four times. He then has him get on his knees and pray “Oh great motherfucking brown dude” twice, steals $300 and let’s him leave. The irony of this shit, is that he then files a police report claiming the skinny white boy assaulted him. Honestly where do you start. First off this is clearly a HATE CRIME and Easton Byfield is probably the dumbest fucking “brown dude” on the planet. Easton Byfield Cell Phone: (508) 377-8388 Email: eastone@live.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.co… Platinum Premier Gentlemens Club / Club Envy, 241 Southbridge St. Worcester, MA Phone number: (508) 754-4444 Owner: Christopher Stephans, 90 Neshobe Rd. Waban, MA Owners Number #: (617) 558-7601
  13. grilt some hoisin habanero marinaded chicken in the fucking cold tonight it was delicious!
  14. He put the tape online so he dinint come off as a snitch after his boy cock blocked then pistol whipped him in front of the whole party.
  15. dude tried to file a report to back his ass up and it just caught him another charge :lol:
  16. Easy Pickled Jalapeno (in the style of nacho slices) -Slice enough jalapenos to fill jar. -Fill 3/4 jar with distilled white vinegar, 5% acidic or above. -Fill 1/4 remaining with water to top. -Add 1tsp-1tbsp salt -Pour liquid from jar into sauce pan and bring to a boil. -Add jalapenos, bring to a boil. Let jalapenos boil for about 20 seconds (just before all bright green has disappeared), remove from heat and immediately transfer everything back to jar. - If liquid doesnt completely cover like^ add more vinegar. Gently tighten lid, not to tight yet. -Now is when they say to boil jar in water for 10-15 minutes, I don't so prepare at your own risk. -Let cool on counter top, when almost to room temperature firmly tighten lid, for best results place in fridge for at least 2 weeks before use.
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