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  1. so I think I have a version of this tic-tac ready to give to a print shop its 2 x 2.5 in, searching for the best deal.
  2. I had problems with other things, never touched the H myself. I have witnessed first hand many heroin withdrawlee's though.
  3. they are many colurz that actually doesnt sound like a bad idea, I may have to make some outta this.
  4. i doubt that... You for got the part about violently vomiting all night long and the shakes to where its so bad you can hardly take a sip out of a glass. It sounds shitty and all but I will say what I've experienced and witnessed sometimes that wouldn't be so bad in some situations.
  5. Dip Set once got one over on their fans,
  6. nothing to get up for tomorrow hopefully i sleep till 10am
  7. watson was on conan tonight http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/16/conan-hires-jeopardy-computer_n_823950.html scroll down to see video
  8. there you go, i never thought to alter the damn "r"
  9. that is way better for sure, i just threw this together to feel like i accomplished something with all the time spent trying to do that on the image 357 posted. since its a .gif this one can be posted over any of your favorite dao image :cool:
  10. since nobody has done it yet heres a heavily dumbed down version to get you by until then I can do the metal text but i cant seem get the text to warp proper.... :confused:
  11. I always liked the r/c cares coming up but i never could afford one, then I got a bit older and would take the motors outta the electric ones and build a tattoo machine to tattoo my friends. I'll probably never own one in my days but I do think they can be cool.
  12. I gotta get up at 8:00 tomorrow, not being able to sleep is stupid.
  13. Its like a twice baked potato, I got some of them a while back from my buddy they made them at his work... They were fucking good!
  14. -homework Its due in the morning I should probably get on that...
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