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Everything posted by dilligαf

  1. thats the one in the peephole footage, i can spot that ass anywhere. :cool:
  2. so ididnt watch it reaally i was to busy on tc, anybody see it?
  3. lol OLD SHARK is awesome you get the "cheyenne" reference
  4. i dont know the name of a single sports lady, i faintly remember downloading that peephole footage of that naked lady whho did some sort of sport thing
  5. ^lol 24'd drinking at the bar, keep talking myself out of it. id also rather not be talking myself out of drinking at the bar
  6. some of randomness I consumed over the last week steak taco's trader joes buretos Tofurky vegan sauseges with mayo & sriracha rap sammich made with my new knife, twas the other way round... it consumed some my funds black bean chili i made last night, grand enough to make you shart rib eye w/a heavy dousing of balsamic reduction artichoke -the heart of this arti was fucking huge i should have flicked it.
  7. it that turd on the couch named aubrey?
  8. The first two seasons of prison break were awesome, I watched every monday so I feel it is possible it could possibly have a possibly possible entertaining ratio to non entertaining ratio.
  9. queso Filadelfia carne sándwich
  10. same for the McPoyle brother, he's always rockin a uni brow
  11. http://www.aetv.com/breakout-kings/ The series premieres tonight, anybody gonna check this out? The previews dont show much though so it could go either way. -Breakout Kings is a spin off of Prison Break, a show which turned absolutely ridiculous by the end of its run. But it was responsible for creating one of the creepiest TV characters of all time, namely T-Bag. T-Bag, the inside out pant pocket cowboy will be making a few appearances on Breakout Kings, so that might be worth a watch. Breakout Kings is however is more direct about where it is going. This show will not have much in terms of a story arc and will rely more on the case by case, episode by episode strategy.
  12. Re: Great Pictures~ watch me get you to shut up in a bout 3 seconds... ignore button.
  13. Re: Great Pictures~ oh DISS!!!!!....you got me bro! Lighten up the internet aint as serious as you think.
  14. Re: Great Pictures~ I would put this in the Totally Fucking Awesome Pic thread but there is not one so I have no idea where else to put it but here.
  15. How the fuck can you guys read that nonsense? Idiot needs to go back to kindergarten to learn how to speak.
  16. I noticed this yesterday but I cant see it, I get a mad distorted green screen. It happens now and then codec, maybe?
  17. .. or dao's big ass head in front of the drivers window
  18. I hung on to this, think Im gonna keep it a while.
  19. Listening to this for the first time...
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