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  1. You don't go over a piece with a throw up, especially if it is on a freight because they don't get buffed normally.
  2. Today I went up to a legal wall and it hasn't been shoveled out with the snow, meaning there is nothing new... But here are some recent pictures that I have taken.
  3. I can finally access this site again, so here goes some of my pictures! Also if anyone would like a larger picture size, please message me.
  4. Cool shit, I will go up there today. Random picture:
  5. East Coast Paint Supply or what store? Edit: NVM found it :http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7694296#post7694296 Can you PM the address?
  6. Kia commercial, no doubt, still dirty.
  7. The mouse head looked perfect to me. It looked just like a very clean and simple (except for the lightening effects which weren't simple). Sadly I haven't done anything with the frog bridge yet. I live like 3 minutes away from it too... I'll grab some when I get my camera charged. I laughed, he isn't close to a toy.
  8. I loved Sesh's piece my camera died right there. I would have taken way more flicks. Yeah I was mad when Bkay went over your (SYN) deadmau5 piece. I went to the (SYN) deadmau5 bridge before I went to the bridge with mesto, sesh, syn, bridge, with the homeless guy.
  9. Yeah once I find my charger I'll take more photos of mesto, and a few of your pieces.
  10. "Serh" I think, normally Sesh writes Sesh. None of this is mine~ Local freight bridge Abandon buildings Fuck the toy who went over this.
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