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  1. nxII hope4 and much space and the itd dudes sik and two large E's!!!
  2. As kieth thornton's under-cover man on the Metro in the nation's captiol, does maurice k thornton wear a suit and no shoes or a suit and shoes with laces tied to from one shoe to the other so he clicks his heels together easier?
  3. kutmastakurt is a faggot and queer
  4. if this was the no nonsense thread I would say I would walk down the street and if I saw keith thornton I would stab that little nigger in his head... and on the no nonsense thread, I already e-mailed that faggot with "keith thornton's momma is a nigger bitch" in the subject and recorded it with my little video camcorder of me sending it to that little nigger... anyone wants a copy of that movie, PM me on here or e-mail me at thedesignproduction@gmail.com
  5. thanks for the flic morskism... I remember that first freight painted in 91. Peace
  6. stinkr checking to see what is in order and what is not... exiles is lame to begin with why would anybody care half a shit about that buster... I guess stinkr is trying to use the definition of the word exile in a manner where he could try to exile off the writers he doesn't like to his secret little hideaway...go cook your self a burrito to get that foul aftertaste out of your mouth and wash it down with a tall glass of rice water because after you tried to hold my dick in your mouth for so long you're going to claim it was so small like a grain of rice.... fuck you
  7. the borderline has been crossed...kool kieth has made me misspell a word... I am alerting everyone in WHAT crew to transfer any and all moneys given to them from above stated jackoff to the 12ozprophet staff
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