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  1. that rumor is dope old tfd whole cart... r.i.p oil harsh impeach nice update
  2. Its probably where the french fries are grown at and where they are going to...
  3. this is the Indiana brickslayers thread... if you need to display your physical features or lack thereof make a thread about it (I wouldn't look at it though) or try out for the Calvin Klien underwear ads or lack thereof.
  4. There is a saying about opinions, however are you supposed to hold them in like a fart til your head explodes?
  5. Why don't you tell me what is your nom de plure? I am always down to express my opinion and point out flaws or positives of how I see it and I'm not charging so you're lucky.
  6. Re: ~THE DIRTY SOUTH~ literally looks like chrome on a concrete wall
  7. I'll give a few examples of why Pista's shit is lame. The letters are a weak combination as far as the placement of shapes, geometric versus organic, one against the other in chronological order. The arrangement of the letters from the beginning is off. Its not original adding some weak extensions off the letters, it doesn't make any sense, ever heard the phrase "don't try to fix it if it ain't broke"? At least if adding extensions try to achieve something with it rather than just doing something halfway as everything I have seen by this is. It looks like they cannot come to a conclusion with something so they take the halfway route and can't tie up the loose ends.
  8. peace to reup grade f : abbreviation go rock a drone everytime flaming and tone your twat is on fire with a jambalaya from bermuda with a edit of are you ok high school son
  9. that v on the black UP looks like it's trying to touch velcro and all those pistas are wack. she wouldn't hit me
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