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  1. I used to draw the character of the dude holding the gun from the DC3 and Deon(?) whole car when I was younger... It would be nice to see that one...
  2. oh yeah and I almost forgot... Juggaloz, I was talking to you when I said those things... I ain't skerred of you
  3. I guess the graff doesn't work for "trid" the kid is too much of a pussy to do anything back, so his toy crew trys to help... but like on that album cover you yearn to fight, then get flipped and won't do shit about it...but like your daddy you gotta wear a special helmet... give me a call like I prank call your other fags record label almost every day....
  4. I don't know how many of ya'll received a PM from friend of the devil but I think its keiths mom trying to spread her legs to make a bridge from some island in the caribbean to america...
  5. thanks rover454 and to juggolaz... I uplifted myself and got a ride now, so it probably will be me doing the hitting, but rest in peace to your dead homie and your cause....
  6. But yeah, like anyone can notice when a bunch of bitches gangs up on someone then it gets frustrating but yeah keith I still fuck with your son and oh well if you jump me with a bunch of your fag friends...
  7. I guess I'll have to cake out on that one... I don't want to say what I write on here, so I guess your opinion is valid to you. Regardless, I'll take matters into my own hands when dealing with any one of those aforementioned. I was just expressing my opinions.
  8. I remember seeing those types of hoppers replace the gwix ones... but I heard someone just spotted a bunch of old gwixs so maybe it was just around here they got replaced...
  9. I don't need to explain anything to anyone but I will say that I see mad weaknesses in all those aforementioned... that's just my opinion... I could break it down for you if want... send me a PM I can explain every flaw I see in all of them... just don't send a rude PM like Gewizer did talking about wanting to fight or something... little mad nigga
  10. Don't know what happened with the other half of that Mpower...sorry That is all
  11. Reups a toy.... stolen letters and flows like a stolen car, even with a helmet on, I could knock the fuck outta this jack
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