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  1. keith is upset because I bought some vegetable patties and he can't afford the right kind, so he's gonna get kurt rilled up to try to do something....ya'll are both bitches and so is that other fag, fuck ya'll pussy ass toys, the only way you could win against me is to simultaneously gang up on me, but individually all of ya'll are pussies, no I'm kool.... and if it happens that all of ya'll confront me at the same time oh well.... but you know thats not going to happen... and oh yeah I hit edit on this.... fuck off faggot keith, rebeadel, dr doooom, all your gay ass acronyms and fuck everything else in the future that you do....
  2. jump off the cliff you faggot keith
  3. don't make me publicly humiliate you so your future son aka ham hock digs through these files and finds it Keith or Marcus whatever your gay ass name is
  4. No one cares poop jar... fuck you and your crew
  5. that june is fresh... I like the color scheme..
  6. quit IMing me Cant Function you mark ass bitch
  7. post your disses about reup... casually.
  8. Why do you think it is so important that its boxcars???
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