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  1. WHOS got some REB graff..post up! one of my fav writers in the chi..REBEL 7 ABK. Chitown og. still at it...
  2. always a good LETHALS DOSAGE of graffiti in this thread. how about that PANZE FROST REFT PAK joint? make s me wanna put on sum funk...what u know about the brothers seven? rock that shit!
  3. bump the LOW DOWN crew and meth labs
  4. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7174/6717937475_f1843bb643_b.jpg' alt='6717937475_f1843bb643_b.jpg'> [/img] crush time in the chi
  5. jue! the internet graffiti beefer!........so sad the game has turned to this shit. Without 12oz ur life would be pointless. Get hit by a train....
  6. never seen any1 this bad care about vandalism as much as this dude....LD runs the midewest. FUCK YOUR LIFE
  7. dead krack head is so gutter and awesome!
  8. SOME1 make this dude his own thread already!!!
  9. KING JUE! LOL.......this guys is serious yall. HE REALLY CARES
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