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  1. 12oz prophet is the exponent of the amplification of stupidity regarding the dilemma of who actually invented the first aerosol spray paint can and then who actually used it somewhere... at least Dirty Taco Steve is posting flics minus that sreup toy shit... post some of my shit knacka.
  2. Grawer's girlfriend put on make-up recently, so the funniness - ugliness is somewhat cloudy.
  3. the one with the orange and yellow fades with the light blue inside it is fresh!
  4. tank and skupe3 reek dope post
  5. well a personal opinion is similar to a personal beef...although beef can be synonymous to competition...
  6. esay from indy is wiggy wiggy wack
  7. dope asend and that star coming off of vizie is dope too
  8. dopeness!!! peace to kane and recka!!!
  9. everyone adjust your clocks to eastern reup/marcia time, the one buttery operated blinking "digital" clock on the outward north leftern hambonishphere is coinciding with the inner "anal-log" clock and reup is complaining that he/his left nipple has climbed too many trees for the future. I think reup is also needing more sweatsocks to construct the massive, awkward pyramid for vision into maurnballs bleak future. maybe he could use the burrito/jewlers glass eye. kurt is starting to bark like a little bitch, even after the sarcrifuse of the dog's poop and the stoning of the horse/movie camera
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