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  1. this is IllSkillet writing to all ya'll: reup from 2dx and every associate of his is a bitch I've been accused of bothering kool kieth my entire life, which is true. As of last year, the lame emcee finally paid a visit to my town and as we passed each other on the main street in town, that clown didn't sssssay anything to me, except try to project some hollywood type of 12 noon type of bullshit. That toy tower and that toy reup can suck themselves off like princess super"wannabe the color of my turd" and that high flying steward on delta airlines literally flying on another ultrafaggot emcee. And as for durt... you're quality rock station on the AM dial ran into his "own" braces too many times... go steal yourself another car from that used parking lot dealership west of the strip in Vegas and tell myth if he really wants to fight to go to missolu montana to fuck your junkball from canada So reup... I know you want to meet me again, and I know you want to do it in the 38th st. neighborhood of my town, and I know you just e-mailed me yesterday... but instead of e-mailing me with haha, kill m** t** and then meet me on w****** st., same place as last time on the 12th of may, 2012
  2. Reup keith thornton of portsmouht, mandor phelingus nigger bitch. I sacrificed my skills to let Maurice Queef Thornton call me daddy. I did not jack off while trying to "mentally" and "innardly" steal Maurice Quagholionio Thornton food from the past 4 years or 2, you did. I do not find Maurice Quafoirtueo Thornton in the least bit attractive, you do. You may prefer jackin off to Artemus, Ron-ball, Ced gee, or any other of those spoiled hambones, but personally, I see you peeking at me when I go to take a piss, other hollywod how to really not jack off while Maurice "growing up to be a little bitch like Keith Thornton" Thornton is asleep like your mente and you're in the hallway contemplating what kind of food to "mentally" steal from Maurice "Every Gibbons monkee on Earth" Thornton or what type of salt to try to tell someone else to purchase, toy.
  3. Thankfully that woman is farting on Reup
  4. a few to get rid of the saltiness
  5. what is your mommas blackhead?
  6. some downtown benching.... that aware and jaber whole car is fresh
  7. Unfortunately 25mb is maximum for sending files via e-mail service, so feel free to contact with donations to upgrade threat-mag.com and to reduce the size of the videos these images were taken from.
  8. some nice shots and nice pieces too
  9. reup is a bitch hence gs aware hope4 a bunch of rumors each2 syms ich tank june
  10. threat mag was a free black and white one.... but after it got switched to the internet it was jpg's not pdf's
  11. http://www.threat-mag.com Updated recently with new forum!
  12. I do not believe in telekinesis, extra sensory perception, the ability to be psychic, or any other figment, so please stop talking to me.
  13. www.threat-mag.com Check out the update now with forum!
  14. www.threat-mag.com Check out the update now with forum!
  15. the nicest thing anyone ever wrote about artema on that tanker
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