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  1. each2 much ewok the first and last railfan shot
  2. reups on the phone with his mom... fuck those bitches
  3. Who are you to determine who is a freight writer or who is transit bomber or what???
  4. smaller cities like indy and louisville don't have any public transit systems, so the most viable option is to rock freights... why try to look for ways to put others down for something they like to do? seems like some read or heard so many stories about clean trains getting rocked in larger cities and want to live through someone else's past... sorry, I am not going to live through someones memories or past of what they did... who hasn't bombed in ny??? not like it really matters... it all comes back to the midwest anyways
  5. kurt foofer's roommate, aka harry henderson, the caring gentle giant who fights evil and brought up a lite bulb
  6. there is a tunnel very deep underground that connects parts of the east coast including NYC to Indianapolis, IN and in that tunnel is where all of the graff magazines, internet forums, chatrooms, dvd's, and books are created. although hating is part of the game, as well as competitiveness, this secret tunnel absorbs every neutrino and random nano-object and compiles it into the stem cell body of a "writer" who resides somewhere in Virginia. in turn this "writer" reversely absorbs the hate and places it into his roommate named Marcia
  7. that asend is green, hot, transforming, nice, and cool! and those things orbiting around the letters are fresh!
  8. Damn son, just because I put in more work then you doesn't mean you need to be jealous.
  9. juggaloz4lyfe you are a toy
  10. it's all up to who is seeing whats out there... one man's junk is another mans treasure...
  11. if you have one nice piece rolling no one is going to see that however if you have a thousand pieces or throw ups rolling is a different story
  12. I define my letters precisely with the proper arrows, bars, and extras coming off them in the proper directions with relative balance that is meant to be read either moving or not. I do not have to resort to a squiggly mess to try to impress someone who is illiterate. I also do not have to hide my letters in a hundred color scheme or use unnecessary things in my work. I guess some have neither quality nor quantity.
  13. fuckyourfaceoner... always trying to say something because he can't write
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