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  1. obviously these are just typed words... and big deal you're going to try to convince someone in my town to try to fight... just more proof of what a toy you are... put it on wax, how that spoiled omelet came to buy me lunch and then sucked me off, cough, cough... I started fucking with you... just to prove a point that you won't do anything about it except roll a dice and think twice about your next move, all in all following another sissy who got called a sissy and will remember what I said for the rest of his/her young life
  2. Imma fly over there and kick you in your mouth with my new technology... but on the real, if I ever seen you I would kick you in the mouth with the shoe attached to my foot aka the shoe that is lodged in marcia's compact disc tray
  3. it means suck my dick you half of a hambone little corroded donut
  4. that yeah is fresh......not a big fan of football, but that gondola is tight!
  5. never heard of this person before today, but he had an interesting style. R.I.P
  6. keep rising to the top while kurt sucks of keith in a truck stop bathroom
  7. I have an older GE refrigerator, an older GE gas stove, a Cuisinart sandwich maker, a 4 cup Hamilton Beach coffee maker, and a GE microwave that I do not put plastic in either. As far as pots and pans go, every pot and pan that I have has been given to me used and most of them are very tarnished. My pizza pan has quarter inch holes in it throughout the whole thing, for reasons unknown. My most prized kitchen possession is my Presto large pressure cooker. I also recently received a book called "Penny Pincher's Almanac" published by Reader's Digest which has some "surprising ideas for getting the most value out of your money, home, and possessions".
  8. I love the railroads as much as they love me black
  9. nice post... byas base vism hindue
  10. why are the numbers blocked out
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