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  1. myth from ba amf represents terrible graffiti, but what a nice boy!
  2. I got artima, the dirty taco grd. beef awkward walking cramped up can hardly move ashy skinned shriveled up offshoot of a moldy grape jewelers daughter salad tossing while trying to figure out what kind of dressing to pass through and then regurgitate dyke nigger biaaaatch...
  3. reups momma today tried to mentally tell everyone to kill me... I guess it's because she is suffering from "bonethritis", she hasn't got enough boners from reup and maurice... you know she likes that doppleganger and she wants "so" the male turned female turned male turned eunuch "writer" and the reverse periscope from oceanside to join in for the simple fact of size does matter... and that being the case, reup does not know what to do, so he tries to eat the food from what maurice already took from him... maurice needs to be punished, so, reup, put that green suit on and stand in the corner with an apple taped to your mouth and while maurice pretends to sleep with one eye open, open your third eye and let maurice empty his love juice into you and ronnie... I know ronnie's only 4 days old... and already suffering from memory loss and a dildo aka cane in his rectum.
  4. luck with trying to kill the black presidents of the united states, maurice keith thornton
  5. that's you talking about your dead or soon to be dead momma
  6. I fight like reup's daughter... haha... or I'm dead...
  7. Only you and I know that in a fight, I would win, that's why you didn't say anything back to me, you're saving your speech because you are so skurred... go ahead and publicly name a boxing ring in my town, Indianapolis, come thru, because I am so poor and can't afford to get out of here... I know what you look like and I am sure, you thinking about me all the time, like you're momma, knows what I look like, not even given the fact that your daddy has my picture taped to the bottom of his cane.
  8. May 17, 2012 prepare yourselves for the fight between reup and durt's exdaddy buried in montana... the fight is on, a weak, small minded, little negro that continuously thinks he is bigger than me vs a pile of dust... the prize: durt opens his buttocks and lets hairy simba, reup, all of 2dx toy crew, and nouse's thought of messing with his "sistas" oversized fat cells enter into the dark realm of durt's currently military style haircut with 3 lines in the back mohawk. maurice k. thornton will broadcast this event through his tears, he's only 4, and mini dirt will be the feed sucking off the unwanted viewers through the sewer of maurice k. thornton through artima's coughing and bonethritis.
  9. Only because hillbilles and their inbred descendants that have changed color through artima and maurices love connection on hambone island need to be reprimanded when they make the wrong decisions. Any of you other 2dx toys have anything else to say, have a chat with mo love's uzi-shaped pellet gun after he receives the planned change of reup trying to bite of his wanker and filling the sky in his rage with plastic pellets because his paranoid sister stole all the rusty metal from the clinic where ronnie tried to suck off dek.
  10. at least I am not shedding tears for an oyster that was without anything inside of it except for the mush you got from sucking off maurice's mammy's pecker and then threatening to use a black knife as payback for when he didn't expel anything white enough for you and your brat
  11. Shore - "reup is such a little bitch that the above username was created to try to imply some type of reward system for writers for trying to stop Shore from completing his piece"
  12. is this tone from 2dx? I went over one your wack throw-ups with a tag on a DME boxcar last year...
  13. I see.... another weak shithead trying to talk some stuff... you mute boy... I know you're not screaming you killers but you're trying in other ways, like that screen name, to come off as hard... I perceive zine as a daisy among daffodils. what's your next move to write your life story on reup's rear end and photograph it and post it online as "human graff"? I have been to New York a few times, had a great time, never saw you up, its funny how I read articles from some in New York City saying about how there is so much weak shit they have to put up with out there, you and your fam rep that aspect to purvey to out of towners that there are always going to be some daffodils in an area surrounded by other, more important things... and the females that lag around you, as I have regretfully encountered a foul sight of reup's second mammy, must be ugly like your thoughts as well
  14. First of all, I never posted any of them others in my posts, so if you want to bump them, go look for their shit and bump it on your own post... secondly, I never met glue either, but he seems weak... I seen that video where they chase the last solid cold car around... shit didn't really impress me and neither does glue's attempt at trying to bubble with other's through someone else while forgetting about his roots... he should be cleaning his self and practicing applications of "real" human hair on the heads of his wop ass mammy. You're on a web-site defending some wannabes trying to spray paint, saying it is an art medium, but in a real secretive manner as a cop out for trying to fight... I made this post, damn... and you read it... Let me ask you this, what was duck-re's purpose for leaving his crib hundreds of miles away? He got what he deserved when I called him a sucka and he didn't do anything about it... and now his anger has somehow escaped onto some other toys and I guess they're skurred of duck-re so now they're trying to start shit with me...
  15. myth and his station wagon sitting in princess front wheel with mel watchin reup trying to come up with a new hambone through front wheel
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