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  1. there's millions of powerlines...
  2. fuckyourface is a next level toy... the kind that when you press their button they say something stupid... except his batteries are always weak
  3. Re: CONNECTICUT FREIGHTS Bel and Ism butthole production
  4. nice post minus that toy reup... you should go over that weak shit and tell fuse to hit me up
  5. construction dumpster are the shit that first twist and ghetto blaster are tight....
  6. Sez42 done in Chicago I think Devious done in Indy Sybr Skue Typo in Indy Heist R.I.P in Indy Demo Kelzo in Indy
  7. interesting article... when I first started writing in like 1991, one of the first forms of influence to me to start writing was seeing a magazine article with pictures of this writers battle between someone else on a wall out there...
  8. nice...wonder where that was spotted at...
  9. pretty tight...like that brisk
  10. I used to see them EDSK dudes up alot when I lived there... good to see their still around!
  11. at least I have a mom...
  12. I thought it was dope.... but now that I think about it really isn't that dope...
  13. there IS no such thing as graffiti unity... and as far as fighting, none of ya'll want it with me
  14. a short post... due to another salt mine opening up high in the sky in the midwest... and the stink of some toy from virginia whose ugly and corroded mom is now in the free world, trying to take everyone's possessions, including their cars, I couldn't get out as much to bench.... hopefully more next time!
  15. nice post! vism and spello that theory whole car
  16. never heard of you, freak
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