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  1. What breed of dog is this? I just checked my dog for hooves and he has none. Is he a whale?
  2. These towers are unbelievable. I hope they haven't affected Fall River's booming tourism industry :lol:
  3. I have that same weber /coolstory. Bout to grill some burgers.
  4. I'm caucasian I don't understand your nigger references.
  5. Not only that, but lets say she did do it. What's the motivation for going out of your way and potentially spending the rest of your life in jail or death row by killing this bitch? To avenge the death of a child that has absolutely nothing to do with you? Get a life. Unless it's this guy, then it's ok.


    I've been laid up sick for the past couple days, just powered through Arkham Asylum. I know I'm years late on this, but wow.
  7. You when you googled the name that everyone else got 2 years ago. :lol: I'm going to go bbq some ribs while sipping on some Macallan 12. Oh my god I drink how cool am I?!
  8. I wish my name involved something about alcohol because that's the coolest. Everyone in their mid 30's still thinks it's edgy to mention at every possible moment how much beer they drink. And believe me, we're impressed.
  9. I think humans have run out of shit to do.
  10. NEENER NEENER :edit: Nice edit you fucking cornball.
  11. Re: this fool..To Catch a Predator host who traps sex perverts in TV stings 'caught cheati Smash dude's 16 year old wife /no pedo. http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2011/06/22/courtney-alexis-stodden-16-years-old-birth-certificate-doug-hutchison/
  12. I've seen tons of dehydration kits on amazon, all you need is a box fan?
  13. The screen name is LEVEL 75 PALADIN. What about that isn't obviously ridiculously out of place on a forum of wiggers with names like 12PACKPROPHET DRUNKEN-ASSHOLE-ONER WHAT IT IZ and PISSDRUNKWHAT. My first like 5000 points were props like "lol funny name." I love that you think that this is some awesome hidden secret you're calling me out on when it's obvious from your retarded posts like "I'm 35 and dont know how to buy juice" "Alcohol is a stimulant" "I shit behind dumpsters" "I dont fuck with witches" that this may or may not have simply gone over your head like the rest of your life.
  14. Re: So I hung out w/"Banksy"... What the fuck u do.... This is the single gayest thread in 12oz history.
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