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  1. This is one of the best/saddest things I've ever seen. Outstanding documentary.
  2. Re: Lil B The God of "it sucks so bad it's cool & ironic This shit fucking sucks
  3. "People you might know: Twiztad Wiccalo" Wow. How many juggalo friends do you have on there so far?
  4. What the fucking fuck is an oogle? Bloodfarts?
  5. http://deadspin.com/5831225/dropping-in-on-the-demented-utopia-of-the-gathering-of-the-juggalos Undercover juggalo
  6. That blonde looks like she could be sexy. Shame.
  7. Who the fuck is this? Chewbaca or dubstep or gtfo the best thread in years.
  8. Does it? The first couple seasons have terrible reviews by critics but I think they're ok. Only seen a few episodes.
  9. I can repost my own reposts. Try to deny the awesome that this video is.
  10. Nah man it was definitely ghosts you just aren't acknowledging the mystical world around you. Shit is deep and kool.
  11. So you're one of those "God must exist because you can't disprove him" guys. Those making fantastical claims have the burdon of proof, not us.
  12. Oh and anyone that believes in this stuff should pm me. I have some crystal wards that I'll let go for 1000 each. I'll also sell you some of these.
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