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  1. These past two pages have been insane.
  2. Yea I was gonna say whoever wrote that incident report was taking things way too seriously. Cool thread, props.
  3. Yea that's pretty weak man. I've done security and I wouldn't rat another employee out for a ham sandwich and some pretzels. Trifling.
  4. "Ives also allegedly hurled masonry at a marked police BMW in a "frenzied" attack that forced officers to flee.".
  5. Gathering this weekend... Looking forward to pics.
  6. UK heads is this still popping off or is it pretty much under wraps now?
  7. Check the axel grease and hex rings on the rotary blades.
  8. At the same time we don't have riots like this because the cops here have guns and would fuck up these teenage chavs.
  9. I thought you were messing with me too about the pickled onion monster munch. But it's real? Hook it up! We can have a snack exchange but I don't think we have anything weird like that.
  10. I'm just making up sentences fist I'm stateside :lol:
  11. Fucking youtube comments never cease to amaze :lol: "Clearly, this old Congoid is possessed of at least 80 IQ, genius by Congoid standards. He seems to dislike living in a White, first world nation and all the amenities that entails, such as not being butchered for body parts to be used in Congoid magic rituals,not being thrown in a cooking pot,not having to slap off swarms of flies every 10 secs.I think perhaps he should return to one of his race's nations, there with his 80 IQ he could perhaps attain the level of village chief, or witch doctor."
  12. I'm using Dolphin on Android maybe I'll download something else
  13. See if you can't push a trolley past the burning wheelie bins and argy-bargy to Tesco and nick some nutty gum and fruit spleggins.
  14. Yea I can't even see the first post on each page because it's covered up with bullshit. Maybe it works ok on computers but 12oz is getting adblocked on the phone.
  15. Right on but for 5 bucks she could get a multimeter at radioshack or bring it to autozone and she'd know for sure. Does the car jumpstart?
  16. Besides that. The fact that you'd just drop 100 because it might be the battery. Batteries can be tested. Test the battery. If the battery needs to be replaced then replace the battery. If it doesn't then don't. I wouldn't buy new without at least testing the current one. Do it yourself with a multimeter or if you lack one autozone and similar shops will test it for free.
  17. Best advice in this thread man sorry. I know they are cool looking trucks and they stand out because no one has them but there is a reason for that. The gas and continuous maintenance on a 2000 LR is going to be brutal on your wallet.
  18. Thanks whoever banned this annoying cocksucker.
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