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  1. Some spoilt kid in my class at school had one of these, was awesome.
  2. I feel sorry for that waterfall.
  3. Cope2 was painting ten throw-ups at the same time on the side of Jeniffer Anniston's mansion in Los Angeles, she was washing her hair and smelt the waft of his spray paint come through the bathroom window. She stopped what she was doing and ran down as quickly as possible. But when confronted by the power of the True Legend himself, she found her anger very quickly subsided and she lost all control of her limbs and became powerfully aroused. They made love for 5 days straight in a bed of rucksacks.
  4. ROTOR is absolute shit, but worth it for the "worst movie ever kudos" .
  5. At my previous job, I found a completely private toilet. I knew where the light switch was. Basically the master switch for the whole 4 cubicle / 3 urinal palace, and the light was never on but the door was always unlocked, leaving me in utter calm to shit in peace and waste time on my phone. It was an exact replica of the main other toilet one floor below, that was used by hundreds of sweaty metal workers, carpenters, painters and dancers (yes dancers - backstage at a theatre) the smell and overall sounds created in the other toilet used to make me gag in the morning. One of the carpenter's nasty morning beer shits were legendary, he looked like an obese woman as well. So my discovery was a life saver.
  6. Animal Kingdom was pretty great.
  7. Crazy as fuck! I recommend it !
  8. That is the oddest looking / sounding meal I could imagine. Crazy as fuck.
  9. dickski

    Cooking with 12oz

    just made spicy Chinese cucumber salad. Eating it as I type. 2 large cucumbers 1 and a half cloves of garlic 1 birds eye chilli salt pepper sugar fish sauce soy rice vinegar deseed and chop cucumber... Dry it out a bit. chop 1 clove of garlic and chilli fine, then fry in sesame oil for about 30 seconds (do not burn garlic) pour chilli, garlic and leftover oil over cucumbers. crush remaining garlic and dump it over cucumber. Add s & p, then soy and a tiny drop of fish sauce. Chill in fridge for ten minutes. Eat. Cool and hot at the same time!
  10. Barneys version... Pretty meh. Pretty boring. Never let me go.... Dismal downer, althoug Cary Mulligan is cute.
  11. Oh wow, this is a real blast from the past!:scrambled: Used to have one, kind of hated it secretly as I was shit at it.
  12. Fuck I enjoy this shit too much, it's a good thread. Some of you are actual film buffs. I have no idea what the newest guess is but lets keep it movin' how about a non picture hint too keep shit ticking along.
  13. Well here is a dirt cheap chinatown bootlegesque gadget I recently bought. Not that model but close to it. Runs my movies from my hard drive onto my TV. dirt cheap. I have been using it constantly, plays AVI's, mpegs, Mpeg4, DIVX etc etc literally every file type onto my old style TV.
  14. HATED this piece of shit. Boring and it thought it was "really cool", when in fact it was the opposite. Looked dated.
  15. The Hitch-Hiker. One of the best film noirs! If I got it, then someone take my turn....
  16. That Peruvian chicken looks super great. Best looking drunk food I could imagine right now.
  17. Sure I got it.....Someone taketh thine turn.
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