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  1. fuck that, Lohans a monster. This broad just has red hair and fair skin...
  2. Saw Zombieland a couple of days ago, and found Emma Stone pretty fucking mesmerizing! Anybody else think this fire head is hot fire? http://accidentalsexiness.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/emmastone1.jpg
  3. These but mainly these would also like these
  4. i would say 4 million us dollars worldwide.
  5. just watched the live stream, he's not inside. hope he's okay. Such a crazy story.
  6. Oh, and how could I forget about this classic
  7. TV MOVIES http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens1871790module8416811photo_princess_bride_movie_poster.jpg1203924146
  8. Crazy Doc, the ending is unexpected to say the least.
  9. dickski


    What a badass biker
  10. dickski


    Kanye is the biggest prick in entertainment. whiney little asshole, also I hate absolutely all of his music and cannot understand how anybody can stand him in any way. That last album with the auto tune he did, made me want to kill myself with confusion. People I actually respected were bumping it, whilst I had to sit there desperately trying to find anything about it,that actually appealed to me. It just sounded like a whiney gay robot talking shit over synth farts. "POP ART" pssshh he's a lame trend hopping idiot that somehow has managed to create a persona of "hip-liberal-rapper-fashionista-genius" when in fact he is a "paranoid-vapid-angry-jealous-rapper-cunt" I hope he will go away now. Rant over.
  11. The Ricoh R10 point and shoot 35mm, I love this camera. It has a lot in common with other more expensive Ricohs like the GR1 and 2. It is super slim and very responsive. I have searched ebay high and low to get an extra replacement. Nikon Coolpix P5100, decent Digital that I fucks with. I like the fact it has a hotshoe. I have a cheapo flash unit I sometimes use it with. I also have a couple of SLR's and borrow a Leica on occasion.
  12. Watched Funny People, it was not funny it was a piece of shit! Oh and that Black & White move is super crap. But I secretly enjoyed it when I saw it in the cinema.
  13. dickski

    food tv

    Yeah Bourdains the man, I also own most of his books. Kitchen confidential is a great read.
  14. God of NYC sleaze movies Frank Henenlotter. He just completed a new film with R.A the rugged man.
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