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  1. waiting on my sister to get in from DC. contemplating if i feel like taking the camera out with me tonight.. bout to take the dee oh gee out for a walk..
  2. more skylights. large grow room. full bar. every punk/hip-hop/funk/soul/jazz record and a system loud enough to wake the dead. 20' x 20' bed. car/motorcycle/bikecycle room. mini skate park. video/pinball arcade. home movie theater.
  3. Thinking: one more hour... just one more hour.. holy shit, please, can this fucking hour pass by fucking faster PLEASE.....
  4. back on topic.. i completely forgot stockpile guns, ammo and survival gear.. Not that i think the worlds gonna end or a zombie Apocalypse is on the horizon, but i have a gut feeling that SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN, sooner than later...
  5. trying to stay awake.. looking forward to getting off work in a little over an hour... thinking how much i really don't want to sit through another 4-5 hour sitting tonight getting work done on my 3/4 sleeve tonight..
  6. drinking coffee at my desk in the office. filling in electrical panel board schedules.. fun and fun...
  7. more tats. buy a cafe racer or bobber. quit smoking and drink less. Pay off all debt, watch credit score skyrocket. New jahb that's a little less boring.
  8. sip'n a few beers before heading to this local t-shirt design show... sip'n actually equals chug'n..
  9. 12ozprophet.com finally fixing my log-in issues FTW! two+ weeks of not being able to post.. rip screen name t(0.o)>.
  10. "working". bout to take a smoke break. interweb'n and "drawing" these stupid lighting/power plans. hoping the next two hours float by..
  11. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to NightmareOnElmStreet again. My boy does glass blowing. he makes pipes, bongs, and dope little sculptures.. here are some pics from columbus day. Woke up and stepped outside for the parade. I wanna be one a these guys when i grow up. the little kid next to me says to his dad - "Daddy, i want one of those.. You brought money right"? ... uhh, i think think guy was casually sieg hail'n everyone. marching band was a band that marched. the neighborhood is full of old super italian folks.. Considered the "little Italy" section of Pittsburgh. Oh ohh. headed downtown.. mandatory shot of my fav alley. someone drove their badass truck all in the mix. fuck'n juggalos, they're everywhere... Scary shit. baby zombie this guy ate that baby. Maditory too close for comfort got more drunk and ate BRAAINSSS... "On October 8, 2011 the unofficial count for the Pittsburgh "World Zombie Day" Zombie Walk was 4,900 Zombies." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_walk
  12. must spread the rep.. great shots. they coulda added a few more cameras here. imo
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